New York TLC Uses GPS To Track Cab Flow

Technology could make it easier for passengers to find and hail a cab. Of course, no such stress for chauffeured transportation clients, who use companies that already track vehicles through GPS.


Omatics OverSight Offers Efficiency

The Omatics OverSight Web application integrates GPS data with reservation data to track vehicles and enable dispatchers to make more informed decisions based on vehicle location, pickup location, and times and dates when handling reservations.

Sid Forougi has devised a wireless communications system that supplies real-time information while connecting essential functions of a chauffeured transportation business.

Supplying Data in Real Time With No Repeats

The LANTIS II GPS data integration system, developed to reduce the redundancies that operator Sid Forougi saw in the limousine industry, tracks vehicle location and status and includes components for the chauffeur, client, and affiliate businesses. The system's components include real-time tracking through GPS, Chauffeur Peer Station that allows chauffeur communication with back end, and Client Endpoint Service that lets clients to order a ride or check ride status.


A New Way To Watch Trips On The Web

DDS eFleet Services offers a feature enables eFleet users to provide their affiliates and customers with real-time views of their trip status and movements of the assigned vehicle.