Bugged By The Limo News

FEB. Editor's Column: Judgment calls get tricky in two recent situations on whether to distribute controversial news items.


Watch Out For Pro-Union Local Governments

BEWARE IN YOUR BACKYARD: A recent study shows more and more local governments are acting as union advocates, to the detriment of small- and medium-sized businesses.


LCT E-News Goes Weekending

LCT launches a weekend edition of E-News on Sept. 6 to bring useful information and features to the limousine industry.


Limo Buses Can't Get A Break

FATALITY: The latest limo bus accident in the news doesn't appear to be the fault of the driver, but it once again underscores the importance of making sure chauffeurs and drivers are well trained and current with the latest mistakes that lead to accidents.


The Big Fire Has Everyone Talking

TALE OF AN OLD LIMO: We maintain a privately owned limousine in our fleet that is a 1997 model. That limo is in mint condition with 250,000 miles on it and I’d take it across the Mojave Desert tomorrow feeling safe.