Trans-Bridge Lines Executive Vice President James JeBran reveals no traces of residue on his gloved hand after placing it behind a new green motorcoach.

Trans-Bridge Lines Debuts 16 Low-Emission Coaches

Trans-Bridge Lines unveiled 16 new, low-emissions motorcoaches during a July 22 press conference held at its Industrial Drive headquarters. The new fleet buses, made by Motor Coach Industries (MCI), feature new engine technology that reduces particulate matter.


Clearing Up The Haze Around Global Warming?

As the debate morphs from global warming to climate change, supporters and skeptics abound, each with their own set of facts. The science of global warming directly influences the development of green products and policies.

Coach carriers participating in the Green Coach Certification Program pilot receive recognition in the form of a green certification label.

Greener Coach Travel Gets Traction

While motorcoach operators already offer customers a greener travel alternative with high passenger volume, the future holds even more promise for promoting coaches as an eco-friendly option.