Know How To Handle Credit Cards The Right Way

LCT APRIL: When retailers such as Target, Marriott and Kohls experience credit card data breaches, transaction procedures must be scrutinized. Make sure you securely move and store your clients’ credit card data.


FINANCE Q&A: Personal Credit History Can Affect Business Accounts

Expert Don Coolbaugh of Advantage Funding continues a weekly series of questions and answers for chauffeured transportation operators on all matters related to financing and leasing fleet vehicles. You must clean up your own act before you borrow and spend on behalf of your business.


Credit Market Contracts and Cleans Up Amid Meltdown

2009 has brought a severe contraction in credit availability for new fleet vehicles. Leasing and finance avenues have dried up as lenders absorb capital losses and arrange loans cautiously. Operators need spotless credit to get a good deal on fleet vehicles.