Large fuel producing companies and smaller pioneers such as Los Angeles-based OriginOil have projects using algae in the works.

Biodiesel Will Surpass CNG

Major fuel producers nationwide, such as BP and Citgo, and smaller, newer biofuel pioneers, such as Los Angeles-based OriginOil, are pursuing large-scale algae projects.

Coach carriers participating in the Green Coach Certification Program pilot receive recognition in the form of a green certification label.

Greener Coach Travel Gets Traction

While motorcoach operators already offer customers a greener travel alternative with high passenger volume, the future holds even more promise for promoting coaches as an eco-friendly option.

Royale's Fusion Hybrid L gets 41 mpg.

2010 ILCT Show: Green Vehicles

Most notable at this year’s show were the new vehicles brought to market that satisfy the more practical and cost-conscious realities of the chauffeured transportation industry. Some major exhibitors showed off green vehicles for eco-conscious operators, including Royale’s Fusion Hybrid L, DaBryan/Tuscany propane Transit Van, and Krystal Hybrid bus and CNG stretch Lincoln Town Car.