Obama Wants Big Gov Workers To Find Greener Ways To Go

CONUNDRUM: The below news item poses a difficult question for operators: Would you rather get government-related business travel, which is ultimately funded by the taxes you pay for bigger and bigger government, OR would you give up the government travelers in favor of lower taxes?

From pink Hummer stretch limos to classic wedding styles, Imperial Coaches makes it possible to create any client's fantasy world on wheels. Being in high demand and expanding the number of lighting options in their limos, Imperial Coach Builders has transitioned from using fluorescent lights to using LED. Customers have choices whether to outfit their limo with light up dance poles, rope lights, starry ceilings and walls, lighted floors and mood lights throughout their vehicle.

Let There Be Light!

For the designers at Imperial Coach Builders, the focus of their limo creations is entirely centered on making their client's imagination a reality. Located in Springfield, Mo., Imperial Coaches has distinguished itself from others due to their precise attention to detail, overwhelming lighting designs and use of LED.


Why Are You Paying So Much For Gas?

DRILL BIT: The answer is quite simple, or just under your nose. In fact, depending on which state you live in, the answer could be just outside of your backyard.