Using Trade for Limo Service

Trading or bartering your services can enable you to pay pennies on the dollar for overall values received if you do it right.


4 Ways To Save On Fuel Costs

CEO of offers advanced strategies for operators to mitigate financial damage from spiking fuel prices.

Mechanic Gary Wescot keeps his truck stocked and ready to respond anytime, anywhere.

In-House Mechanic Useful After Hours

Late one Sunday evening, chauffeur Joel Sanchez of my company, Limousine Scene in Bakersfield, Calif., was descending the treacherous Grapevine Highway from its 5,000 foot summit. Loaded with 16 teenagers returning from a day at an amusement park, Sanchez had no idea how difficult the evening was about to get.


Hiring a Mechanic Can Reduce Expenses

Dealerships also offer the same wholesale prices and free delivery to fleet owners as they do to local repair shops. Whether you do the work or hire a part-time mechanic for a nominal hourly wage, the savings to be realized can be a lot.