Omatics OverSight Offers Efficiency

The Omatics OverSight Web application integrates GPS data with reservation data to track vehicles and enable dispatchers to make more informed decisions based on vehicle location, pickup location, and times and dates when handling reservations.

FASTTRAK's Horizontal Visual Dispatch Grid Graphs include split screen for reservation detail, dispatch color grid, instant indication of vehicle trip status and flight tracking.

Automation Needed in Recession

In a tough economy, wasting time equals squandering money. Eddie McCoy, founder and president of FASTTRAK reservation and management software, is well aware of this, and stresses that automation of simple tasks has become an important factor in creating efficiency, saving money, and succeeding as a company.


InSight USA Integrates with FASTTRAK Livery Systems

InSight USA announces the release of the seamless integration with FASTTRAK Livery Systems for the chauffeured transportation industry. The integration combines StreetEagle, an advanced GPS Fleet Tracking and Navigation solution, with FASTTRAK Livery Management Software.

News Invests in Technology Efforts

The online ground transportation provider's expansion is aided by new technology. Operating in 172 countries and at more than 5,000 airports, guarantees five classes of service at competitive prices by auctioning each ride off to the lowest bidder among more than 7,000 affiliated limousine services.


Fortis Riders Unveils Reservation Software

The Global Driver reservation software is a next generation of proprietary online booking technology that enables Fortis Riders clients to quickly schedule and monitor luxury ground transportation.


Technology Briefing: First Identify Your Needs

Operators who are considering investing in limousine industry software should initially think small, limiting their investment until they have a better understanding of how the technology can best serve their needs.