All Aboard Bus No. 911

A medical emergency is a question of when it will occur rather than if. An estimated 750 million passengers are transported each year by charter bus based on numbers from the U.S. Department of Transportation in November 2009. A third of those passengers are senior citizens, says Paul Bourquin, a charter bus industry analyst for Nathan and Associates. Are your drivers trained and prepared to handle a medical emergency?


MCI Issues Coach Safety DVD

Similar to pre-flight safety briefings for air travel, MCI's safety DVD covers passenger behavior in emergency situations and general on-board safety instructions.


Breakdown Planning Speeds Recovery

Making arrangements with towing services, on-site mechanics, and affiliates can ease your stress if you have a plan for breakdowns and accidents. Here’s how to prepare.


Bringing Your Disabled Car Home

The relationship you develop with a towing service and repair center will greatly minimize the inconvenience of bringing in a disabled vehicle.