Don’t O.D. On O.T.

DEC. LCT: Overtime pay can lead to a minefield of labor issues and costs if not approached with balance.

Photo via PEXELS (Tim Gouw)

Why Superstar Employees Leave

Learn how to be a competitive employer so your best and brightest don't even think about turning in a letter of resignation. 

Ken Lucci, former owner of Ambassador Limousine in Tampa, Fla., is the owner of CTA (, a strategic marketing and business consulting company that provides programs, products and services to the industry. Information:; (888) 888-0095. Lucci also owns the Sumner Mansion Inn ( of Hartland, Vermont, a hotel that dates to 1807 and is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places.

Driving For Uber A Sucker’s Bet

AUG LCT: When you consider the actual expenses of owning, maintaining and operating vehicles, driving for TNCs is not a winning proposition.