Insurance Matters: Are You Covered?

Your best bet is to sit down with your insurance agent and thoroughly review your operations and the coverage you need before you need it.


Worker's Comp And Consequences

Knowing the details and cost options of such insurance can make or break your business when dealing with injured employees and contractors.


Caution: Never Too Safe

The safety of employees and passengers should be a high priority. Invest in success by holding regular safety meetings with community resources.


The NLA: Here and Now

Scott Solombrino recently sat down with LCT Associate publisher/Eastern Region Neil Weiss to discuss the NLA’s goals for the coming year. Solombrino, who is serving his third consecutive term as NLA president, owns the Dav EI Chauffeured Transportation Network


Worker’s Compensation: Controlling Risks at Work Can Reduce Claims

It is important to deal cautiously with employees.  Avoid any form of retaliation or even the appearance of such against and employee who is injured on the job.  Seriously consider your obligation to reasonably accommodate an employee who has sustained a disabling work-related injury.