What is a Digital Magazine? What are the benefits?

We've partnered with our printer to provide our magazine in a powerful, new digital form with the same layout, text, and advertisements as the print version. The digital format offers a paper-like reading experience, but with many advantages possible only in digital format, including:

  • Automatic delivery of every issue directly to your computer via the Internet as soon as it publishes, often before you would receive it through the regular mail.
  • The ability to read your magazines anytime, anywhere -- even when you're offline.
  • A hyperlinked Table of Contents takes you directly to the articles, features, and sections of most interest to you.
  • Quick links to advertisers' sites and additional editorial content on the Web.
  • Keyword search that helps you find a topic or name in seconds.
  • A "Send to Friend" feature that allows you to send free digital copies of your magazines to colleagues, complete with your notes.
  • Paperless archiving. Keep back issues on your PC for fast reference and easy storage

Does the Digital Magazine contain everything that the print magazine has?

Yes, the digital format offers you the same great content, and the same great design as our print magazine. You won't miss a single article, photo or advertisement.

What else can the Digital Magazine do?

Expanded editorial, animation, videos and podcasts are already part of the Digital Magazine. Expect more features to be developed and expanded with each passing issue.


I want one! How do I sign up?

You can subscribe for the Digital Magazine by clicking here!

Do I have to install any programs?

There are no programs to install! The digital magazine is viewed in your internet browser so you can get to it anytime you are online.

What are the system requirements?

Current Internet Browsers:

MAC - Firefox 2.0 and higher or Safari 2.0 and higher

PC - Firefox 2.0 and higher or Internet Explorer 7 and higher

Flash version 10 or higher

Pop up Blockers turned off

Enable Java


When do I get my first issue?

You get your first issue as soon as you subscribe!  There will be a link in the confirmation email with a along with any applicable username/password information that you will need to view the current issue immediately.

How do I know when the next issue is available?

As soon as each new issue is released, you will receive an email with issue highlights and a link directly to the latest issue.

How do I navigate the Digital Magazine?

  • Turn pages: Click the outside corner of any page to go forward or backward a page.

You can also use the arrows at the top of the page (located in the navigation bar) to advance either one page at a time or to the start/end of the issue.

  • Zoom in/out: To zoom in, simply click what you want zoomed in on.  To zoom back out, simply click again.
  • Print: Select the print option in the navigation bar and indicate which pages to print.
  • Forward to a friend: Select the share option in the navigation bar, enter the applicable email address and whether you want to share one page or the entire issue, include an optional note and click send.
  • Search: Select the search option in the navigation bar and search by word or phrase across a specific issue or all issues.
  • Back Issues: Select the previous issue link in the navigation bar to view all available archived issues.

Customer Service:

How much does it cost?

The Digital Magazine is free to all subscribers.

I'm not in the United States, is the Digital Magazine still available?

The Digital Magazine is a great alternative for people outside the United States. There is no long wait for delivery and no postage to pay!

I'm already a print subscriber; can I add it or convert over to the Digital Magazine?

If you get the magazine in print and wish to also get the digital version (no cost) OR if you want to change your print to digital going forward, the best way to do that would be to renew your subscription and when doing so change the format option on the form. Go here to renew.

If you don’t wish to fill out the form you can instead contact customer service at 888-239-2455 or [email protected]

Can I switch back from digital to print?

You can also switch from print to digital using the same methods as above.

Who do I contact with additional questions regarding my subscription?

Just like our print subscribers, our digital subscribers can get in touch with customer service at any time using the info on our customer service page.