Fact Book 2009: Tech Usage

Did you know 46% of operators are using GPS tracking? Another 16% are using onboard video. And 48% are using onboard navigation. Discover these and other data nuggets from the annual LCT Fact Book survey, because technology carries the biggest potential to increase business productivity during a recession.

White Paper: Technology of KVH TracVision Satellite TV

This white paper from KVH Industries explains the technology behind its TracVision A7 antenna that can bring live TV programming into a limousine. The 5-inch high A7 uses the company's phased-array technology to receive signals from DirectTV satellites.

White Paper: Fleetboss Intro to GPS Fleet Management

Fleetboss GPS has released a 20-page white paper that's geared as a business manager's guide to GPS fleet management with detailed descriptions, statistics and easy-to-understand diagrams. It explains the intricacies of GPS, gives 10 reasons to use it to manage fleets and gives suggestions for reducing vehicle operational costs.

Discrete Wireless ROI Calculator for Fleet Tracking

Determine your return on investment (ROI) for purchasing a GPS fleet tracking system for your ground-transportation fleet with this calculator from Discrete Wireless. Input fleet information, mileage and fuel costs, hardware cost, service cost and additional productivity.