The New York team lobbying on Capitol Hill consisted of Avi Mazouz, First VP of the Luxury-Base Operators Association; Arthur Messina, CEO of Create-A-Card Inc.; David Eckstein, President of Valera Global; and Douglas Schwartz, President of the Long Island Limousine Association.

Federal OT Pay, “Black Boxes” Top Industry Concerns in DC

DAY ON CAPITOL HILL: The National Limousine Association and its advocates made direct connections last week to advance operator goals on federal labor wage rules, a law requiring electronic recorders on commercial vehicles, and the long-awaited RIDE Act Amendment.


INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: U.S. Luxury Spending Accelerates

The limousine “client base” are taking pent up money and spending again on luxury goods, services, and excursions. As the luxury sector does, so goes chauffeured transportation. Is it a sign of good things to come?


Funeral Rage Plagues Chauffeurs In U.K.

DEAD WRONG: Funeral processions become the target of selfish motorists in one British city who cut in between limousines and hearses, making rude gestures and enraging mourners.