Biz Travel Hits Highest Levels Since Recession Began

CHAUFFEURED TRICKLE DOWN? Surprisingly strong Q4 results in a $4.2 billion increase in business travel spend over Q3 2010 and sets stage for continued expansion through 2011. Rising investment in business travel is a leading indicator of continued job growth.

News Tops 450 Users

More and more operators are discovering the ease of avoiding all the paperwork and phone calls involved in growing an affiliate network.


A Model Guide For Selling Prom Runs

Grand Avenue Chauffeured Transportation provides an example of how operators can help prom kids and parents choose the best transportation option for prom night.


Meet The New iChauffeur

An Orlando operator’s recent integration of iPad 2s has made business easier and more efficient.


FMCSA: Super Luxury Tours An 'Imminent Hazard'

The imminent hazard order is based on a comprehensive safety compliance review of Super Luxury Tours, Inc.'s entire operations conducted by FMCSA with assistance from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania State Police and Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission.