How To Properly Market During The COVID-19 Crisis

Valérie Levay
Posted on March 26, 2020

Times may be challenging, but you need to let your clients know you are still there for them (Photo via Unsplash user Austin Distel)

Times may be challenging, but you need to let your clients know you are still there for them (Photo via Unsplash user Austin Distel)

Operators who feel like they shouldn't be posting their "regularly scheduled" content on social media during the COVID-19 crisis should think twice.

Although it’s not quite business as usual — your social media posts need an added layer of attention and compassion over the coming weeks — it’s fine to market and sell your services...just don’t use the coronavirus as a platform for self-promotion. 

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization) are aggressively informing the masses through television, radio, and especially through social media. Don’t feel the need to constantly share their updates and/or suggestions.

While you might not post exactly the same content as you would have pre-coronavirus, try to make it as normal as possible. Continue to highlight new vehicles, tours, or services for which to look forward to once the crisis ends. Share reviews or remind customers how much you appreciate their business.

Use this time to really let the personality of your brand and business shine. Share photos or videos that are uplifting or helpful. Let your clients see who is taking reservations or disinfecting your fleet.

Filling social media news feeds with more personal or uplifting content can ease tension, stress, and foster a sense of normalcy we're all yearning for. People will appreciate the distraction.

Whatever you do, don’t stop posting. Search engines love social media. When you have a significant number of likes and shares, Google takes notice. This can increase your website's overall rank.

Valerie Levay, Pegasus Business Development

Valerie Levay, Pegasus Business Development

Valerie Levay is a social media and digital marketing expert. She specializes in developing customer relationships, as related to both customer acquisition and retention. Her specialty is creating and implementing tailored and highly curated marketing campaigns. She has over 20 years of experience in several industries; the last six years of which have been focused primarily in the chauffeured transportation industry.

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  • Markanthony R Little

     | about 2 months ago

    i agree ! every operator big or small should not only continue posting , but expolore new social plateforms like TikTok or Snapchat and replace others like Google+ . Additionally, update business information, Create future promotions and add new services. *Remmber it takes time but you will be happy with the fruits of your labor .

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