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Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 25, 2020

(L to R) Nina Parson, director of sales, and Steve Qua, owner of Company Car and Limousine

(L to R) Nina Parson, director of sales, and Steve Qua, owner of Company Car and Limousine

CLEVELAND, Ohio — In these pandemic recessionary times, the only option for operators is to be resourceful and creative. Steve Qua, owner, and Nina Parson, director of sales for Company Car and Limousine in Cleveland, Ohio, recently put their heads together and came up with an idea that’s taken off faster than expected.

The two sat in Qua’s office and thought hard about who still needs to travel during the coronavirus crisis. A group that came to mind was elderly clients stuck in their winter homes. Parson’s family owns a travel business in Florida that does a lot of work with retirees. She had her mother sent out the landing page the company created to all of her customers, and Parson also posted about it on various Florida Facebook groups. Business took off from there.

“I started getting asked about trips from Yuma, Arizona to Idaho, from Phoenix to Chicago…now it’s grown to cover the U.S. and Canada. I answer quotes that come through the page all day.”

Their page is generic so it doesn’t identify any one specific company. This helps those involved feel more comfortable about sharing it with all of their clients. The leads come through in a form, which gets sent to Parson who matches various needs to the companies that would work best. “We want to make sure we are a solution to help people get through this.”

All participating luxury transportation companies agree they don’t want to make money off of these peoples’ misfortune of being stuck and the fact they shouldn’t be on a plane due to their age. “My goal isn't to profit from this; it's to help chauffeured car companies and those travelers most at risk,” Qua says. Many businesses involved have reduced their pricing to offer a service that won’t break their clients’ bank but still keep the lights on. “We want to be the people who are helping, not taking advantage of others during this crisis.”

So far, 42 operators have joined. Qua calls affiliates in areas where service is most needed. Some cities have more than one operator who wants to be a part of it, and that’s where the landing page comes in. Potential clients who are referred to this program can put in what company referred them so Nina can match that person to whoever deserves credit.

“This is not just for the elderly; it’s for anyone who may need a safer alternative to flight,” she says.

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