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Posted on March 20, 2020
The next few months present a challenging financial balance for most industry operators and their vendors. (LCT file image)

The next few months present a challenging financial balance for most industry operators and their vendors. (LCT file image)

The below guide lists key industry vendors and suppliers, many of whom are working with luxury ground transportation operators to extend credit, rearrange or defer payments, or offer flexible terms during this global pandemic crisis through their assistance program. 

LCT reached out to as many businesses as possible before deadline. We will update this list continuously as we get more information from companies. If you would like to be listed here or update a current listing, please contact either LCT editor Martin Romjue ([email protected]) or LCT senior editor Lexi Tucker ([email protected]).

Access Capital – Offering No Special Programs at this time. Customers can call to speak to a Customer Service Rep on a case-by-case basis.

(866) 434-7555

Ally Bank – Offering deferred payments for 120 days on a case-by-case basis and new vehicle financing with first payment deferred for 90-days. Waiving late fee charges.

(888) 925-2559

Ally Bank’s coronavirus help page.

American Express – Offering to pay your affiliates for you and give you 90 days to pay back the advance.

(855) 531-2364

Amex coronavirus help page.

Amwins Transportation Underwriters - No documentation required. Insured must sign a form to remove vehicles from policies immediately. Waiving 30-day notice of cancellation intent. Will keep the policy and state filings active, Must keep at least one vehicle on policy. Vehicles can be added back with one day’s notice.

Call agent

No coronavirus help page. 

Audi Financial Services – Offering 60-day payment extensions with additional time granted on a case-by-case basis.

(888) 237-2834

No coronavirus help page. 

Auto One Capital – Offering 90-day deferment on accounts that are current.

(631) 531-0682

No coronavirus help page.

Bank of America – Customers unable to pay bills should contact the client services team using the number on the back of their credit card. Additionally, customers can access help through online and mobile apps.

(800) 215-6195

Bank of America's coronavirus help page

Berkshire Hathaway Companies - Allowing removal of vehicles or reduction of coverage to physical damage only. Must keep at least one vehicle with liability coverage in place in order to keep their regulatory filings active. Will allow complete cancellation of policy but notify regulatory authorities that policy has been canceled.

Contact your agent/broker

No coronavirus help page.

Brown Brothers Motor Lease Canada – Deferring April Payments one month upon request and will review month by month until the pandemic is over.

(604) 301-2760

No coronavirus help page

Capital One - Customers facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus are urged to call and discuss minimum payment assistance, deferred loan payments and fee suppression.

(866) 750-0873

Capital One’s coronavirus help page.

Century Business Solutions – Offering all livery industry customers interchange rates + 0% mark-up through September 2020. Offer applies to new and existing clients. Also providing affiliate and corporate account email payment portal service at no cost to make it easier to bring in payments.

(888) 500-7798

No coronavirus help page

Chase Bank – Offering small business customers fee waivers, changing due dates, extended credit lines. Working with our customers on a case-by-case basis right now.” 

(800) 336-6675

Chase’s coronavirus help page.

Chosen Payments – Offering rebates of credit card fees for all customers based on a monthly case-by-case review beginning in March. Rebates will be automatic based on processing volume. NEW CUSTOMERS: No fees originated by Chosen Payments for the first 90 Days

(855) 424-6736

No coronavirus help page 

Citibank –Waiving monthly service fees for small business customers, waiving penalties for early CD withdrawals, waiving fees on remote deposit capture for small business customers. Some credit card customers may be eligible for credit line increases and collection forbearance programs. Some mortgage customers may be eligible for a hardship program.(855) 839-6253 for Mortgage Assistance(800) 374-9700

Citibank’s coronavirus help page.

Cochrane Insurance – Allowing vehicles on policies that have state or federal motor carrier filings to be either 1) deleted from policy; or 2) allow vehicle coverage modified to be other than collision only (i.e. delete liability coverage), without requiring a bill of sale or valid lease termination agreement.

Call your agent

No coronavirus help page

Coronavirus Cash Flow Calculation Tool – Use this tool to evaluate your finances and manage your cash flow during the pandemic. Provided by A. Goff Limousines.

Click here to use

Discover -Offering No Special Programs at this time. Customers can call to speak to a Customer Service Rep on a case-by-case basis.(800) 347-2683No coronavirus help page.

FASTTRAK Technologies –Non-cloud based users can reduce license fees by eliminating licenses for unused workstations with no penalty. Cloud-based pricing is based upon volume that scales up or down based upon the number of monthly bookings.(800) 533-6440

No coronavirus help page. 

Ford Credit - Offering deferred payments on loans in good standing and encourages those who need help to call today. Also offering new vehicle financing with first payment deferred for 90-days.

(800) 723-4016

No coronavirus help page

GM Financial - Offering payment deferrals on loans in good standing and 1st payment deferrals on all new purchases through March 31.

(800) 284-2271

Text ASSIST to 53721

GM’s Credit coronavirus help page.

Grech Financial Services/Edson Financial –Working with clients and finance companies as an intermediary to review on a case-by-case basis with many lenders offering deferred payments.

(951) 688-8832

(951) 465-7129 

Green Payment Solutions - Offering zero fees to those who join Green Payment before 06/30/20. Fees you can set and forget for a full 12 months include: $0.00 Set Up fees, $0.00 Monthly fees, $0.00 Annual Fee, $0.00 PCI Monthly Fee, $0.00 PCI Annual Fee and no monthly minimums.

(818) 200-1004

Green Payment Solutions coronavirus help page

Groundwidgets/LMS/Odyssey/Santa Cruz/Voyager – Santa Cruz clients using the cloud platform: GroundWidgets will setup Duo for work-from-home employees to enable dual factor authentication and waive $5/month charge. GroundWidgets will reduce monthly user fees for 60 days to reflect a reduced work force. GroundTrack clients can suspend billing on vehicles for $3/month and reactivate as needed. Monthly fees under $1500 will be charged on April 15th instead of the 1st. Over $1500 a month can receive a 20% discount for on-time payments or defer payment by 30-days. User must call to make arrangements for these offers.

  • GroundWidgets can also help reduce the number of monthly users temporarily for 60 days to reflect the new reduced work force you may be operating with. Please send an email to support if you would like to reduce the monthly user count. 
  • For clients who are using the GroundTrack product, if you have taken a number of vehicles off the road, they can suspend billing on those vehicles for $3/month and reactivate them when they are put back on the road. 
  • If your monthly charges are less than $1500 per month (i.e. GroundTrack, GroundSpan, ULS Hosting, LMS Hosting, etc.), the charges will be processed on April 15th, instead of April 1st. That will give you an extra 15 days buffer to plan your operating budget. 

If your monthly charges for support/maintenance/hosting are greater than $1500 per month, customers have three options:

Option A: Apply a 20% discount to your monthly fees and process charges on your regular payment date (i.e. first week of April)

Option B: Defer payment for 30 days to end of the month instead of beginning of month. That means, the payments due on April 1 will be deferred to April 30. This will give you an extra 30 days.

Option C: Please contact their office to discuss individual circumstances if you feel neither of the above options will work. 

We believe they should have some direction on where things are headed by the end of March and a game plan to tackle this pandemic by mid-April. They will be proactive in monitoring and updating clients as the situation evolves. 

Please let them know which option you would prefer. If they do not hear from you, they will automatically assume you selected Option A.

(562) 789-9511

[email protected]

No coronavirus help page

Hudson Software - Offering deferred or reduced payments on a case-by-case basis. Add-ons and licenses can be scaled back with no penalty. Customers must call to make arrangements.

(978) 531-1115 (x 1067)

No coronavirus help page.  

Kabbage Small Business Loans – Offering quick approval on small business loans up to $250,000 for working capital. Business must be more than one year old and minimum revenue of $50,000 per year. (888) 986-8263 Kabbage coronavirus help page. 

Lancer Insurance – Allowing simple and quick suspension of inactive vehicles and their associated premiums on the current policy. Lancer will work with agents selling Lancer policies to adjust and/or defer premium installments until the crisis passes.

Contact your agent

Lancer's coronavirus help page.

Limo Anywhere - Effective Wednesday, March 25, LA has released a new cancellation status which operators who have coronavirus-related cancellations can use to exclude these trips from their net booking volume. Starting in early April, payment tiers will be based on March volume. This capability also provides new functional benefits for customers (e.g. help track these cancellations, which can aid in loan applications and loss reports).

If you would like to take advantage of this program, please follow these instructions. Updates to your trips will need to be completed by March 31, 2020, for April billing. Please note credit cards may be charged a few days later than usual.

Smaller operators on the Starter package would not be able to take advantage of this program. To help those operators already in the Starter tier, LA is temporarily bringing the monthly fee down to $69.

Also, for any potential customers who have been contemplating becoming Limo Anywhere subscribers, LA is waiving the upfront subscription fee of $299 over the next 30 days, effectively making it free to join our network.

LA is also providing all material covered at last year’s LA Academy free of charge.

(888) 888-0302 x2

Limo Anywhere coronavirus help page

Limousine Call Center – Bills by each call. Since call volumes have dropped for all operators, this lowers the cost. Shift call answering to the service while employees are furloughed. Set up fees and minimum monthly fees are being waived for new clients.

(509) 526-0498

No coronavirus help page

Limo Command – Allowing clients to break contractual agreements without penalty to suspend/discontinue service.

(405) 445-1222

No coronavirus help page

Livery Coach Solutions – Allowing users to pay monthly instead of quarterly, suspend options and licenses as needed at a greatly reduced cost, or defer up to 35% of their support until later. All clients who leave their configurations as is, remain current with support payments will receive a 20% credit towards future onsite training/consulting (excluding travel expenses) when business returns to normal.

(610) 296-7800

No coronavirus help page

MCI: Motor Coach Industries is keeping customers updated by posting key information on its website at, where MCI posts all updates.
MCI Service Centers remain open for service and parts support at this time in line with local, state, and government guidelines to support essential transportation infrastructure. MCI technical and roadside assistance support continues to be available 24/7 by calling (800) 241-2947, and regional field MCI technical solution managers are also available by phone for assistance along with NFI parts support and parts supply by calling (800) 323-1290 in the U.S. and (800) 665-0155 in Canada.
No coronavirus help page

Midland States Bank - Help with flexible mortgage and home equity payment options, waiving fees for late payments, suppressing late payment notifications to credit bureaus, no ATM fees, no penalty fees for early CD withdrawals, flexible loan payment options.

(855) 696-4352

Midland’s coronavirus help page.

National Interstate Insurance

National Interstate and our Passenger Transportation Division share your concern and uncertainty regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on you and the passenger transportation industry. In response to this unprecedented situation, we are offering the following economic relief to our customers:

  • We will reduce the underlying/primary auto liability premium on all revenue-generating units by cutting the full rate by 75 percent (equivalent to a Spare or 25 percent of the full rate). This one-time reduction is available for application to current Passenger Transportation accounts for 45 days and can be effective as early as March 18, 2020. To qualify for this reduction, have your broker submit a completed and signed Passenger Transportation Vehicle Suspension Agreement by April 1, 2020, that identifies the specific revenue-generating units impacted and confirms these units will not be operated. We will apply the entire premium reduction to your next payment installment. If you return these vehicles to service prior to the end of the 45-day period, please notify us so we can re-adjust the premium accordingly. If you are deleting no-longer-owned vehicles completely from your policy, standard guidelines for deletion are still in effect.
  • We can also offer more flexible payment plans for upcoming policy renewals. This option will be evaluated on an individual account basis and your broker should contact us for consideration as the renewal approaches. We will continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation and communicate with you on or about May 1, 2020, regarding any additional action.

Please direct any questions as follows based on your product or program type:

Traditional: Business Development ([email protected]; 800-929-1500)

CMT/Paratransit: Corey Ricketts ([email protected]; 800-929-1500 ext. 5124)

TranzCap: James Davis ([email protected]; 800-929-1500 ext. 1562)

TRAX: James Davis ([email protected]; 800-929-1500 ext. 1562)

Calypso: Kevin Albrecht ([email protected]; 800-929-1500 ext. 5446)

Destination: Taira Mandy ([email protected]; 800-929-1500 ext. 8965)

Nationwide Insurance - Will allow policyholders to drop down to comprehensive only. Must keep at least one vehicle insured.

Contact your agent/broker

No coronavirus help page.

Northland Insurance - Offering immediate cancelations on policies, changes in premium calculations based on vehicle types and complete restoral of policies canceled during the “impact period”.

Call your agent.

No coronavirus help page. 

Pacific Gateway Insurance – Allowing vehicles on policies that have state or federal motor carrier filings to be either 1) deleted from policy; or 2) allow vehicle coverage modified to be other than collision only (i.e. delete liability coverage), without requiring a bill of sale or valid lease termination agreement.

Contact your agent/broker

No coronavirus help page. 

P.A. Post Agency/Philadelphia Insurance

Here is some information from Philadelphia insurance on the commercial auto coverage for livery, etc., they disbursed this to their partner/agents: They are allowing the insureds to place a “temporary vehicle suspension,” which entails filing a “non-operational” status with the DMV for a 60-day period. This will allow livery operators to drop auto liability coverage during this period as well as collision since the identified vehicles will not be on the roads so there will not be any liability and since they will be “non-operations” there will not be a need for “collision” coverage for a parked vehicle. As we discussed, comprehensive physical damage coverage must remain on the vehicle as lien holders on the title will require it, and most lenders will “add” comprehensive coverage to the note/bill if they do not have proof of this coverage. If the operator files for “non-operational” status with the DMV and conditions change, improve, the operator must notify the DMV and the insurance broker again. Plates should be turned into the DMV or to the agent so carrier will have verification that vehicle is non-operational, plates may NOT be kept by the insured. Phly will accept a printout of the online confirmation to remove a vehicle from the policy in order to expedite the process rather than waiting for a copy to be mailed to the insured.

PNC Bank - Helping customers navigate potential financial hardships on a case-by-case basis.

(888) 762-2265

PNC’s coronavirus help page.

Progressive Commercial Insurance – Offering ten day extensions on premium payments. (877) 656-7707 Progressive’s coronavirus help page

RLI Transportation Insurance - Offering temporary suspension of coverage without charge, as an alternative to deleting vehicles and coverages or canceling your policies. The suspension can be applied to all vehicles or a portion of the fleet. Physical damage coverage can be maintained on specified vehicles. No premiums will be charged for suspended coverage.

(800) 331-4929

RLI’s coronavirus help page.

Small Business Administration - Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

Small business owners in California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Utah, and Washington are currently eligible to apply for low-interest loans due to Coronavirus. Working capital loans of up to $2 million are available to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue.

Click here to apply

SBA’s coronavirus help page.

TCF Capital Solutions – Offering 90 day payment deferment.

(800) 506-8960

No coronavirus help page.

Titus Leasing - Titus Leasing offering case-by-case reviews, reduction of payment amounts, late fees waived, and 6-month “catch-up” plans when the crisis ends.

(717) 731-0504

No coronavirus help page. 

Translogic Tech – Offering to turn off/suspend connectivity and connectivity fees for all parked vehicles. Call or email to take advantage of this offer.

(866) 959-3226 or [email protected]

No coronavirus help page.

Transportation Insurance Brokers (TIB) – Working on a case-by-case basis with various carriers to remove vehicles from policies, remove collision coverage and negotiate payment time extensions when possible. Premiums collected in advance on cancelled/modified vehicle schedules will be applied to future payments.(800) 248-2877No coronavirus help page. 

U.S. Bank - Offering No Special Programs at this time. Customers can call to speak to a Customer Service Rep on a case-by-case basis.

(888) 287-7817

U.S. Bank’s coronavirus help page.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce – Offering a comprehensive guide toolkit for State assistance, tax relief, SBA loans, Work-From-Home policies, public relations and small business survival guide filled with resources for help.

Coronavirus Small Business Survival Guide

United States Government – Department of Labor – Federal law permits significant flexibility for states to provide benefits when an employer temporarily ceases operations due to COVID-19, an individual is quarantined with an expectation of returning to work or an employee quits due to a risk of exposure or to care for a family member. Employees are not required to quit to receive benefits due to the impact of COVID-19.

U.S. Department of Labor coronavirus help page.

United States Government – Emergency Paid Sick Leave – The Federal Government has approved financial aid (up to $511 per day) for self-quarantine, obtaining treatment for COVID-19 or missing work as a result. Fully funded by the government.

Emergency Paid Sick Leave help page.

Wells Fargo - Offering No Special Programs at this time. Customers can call to speak to a Customer Service Rep on a case-by-case basis.

(800) 219-9739

Wells Fargo’s coronavirus help page.





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