Create-A-Card Releases Free COVID-19 E-Blast Templates

Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 18, 2020

(L to R) Arthur Messina, seen here with his son Drew Messina at the 2020 International LCT Show, is all about helping the luxury transportation industry any way he can. 

(L to R) Arthur Messina, seen here with his son Drew Messina at the 2020 International LCT Show, is all about helping the luxury transportation industry any way he can. 

As COVID-19 rocks the world of ground transportation, operators aren’t the only ones feeling its sting. Arthur Messina, founder of Create-A-Card, had his phone ring just twice today — he usually fields calls all day long. “We’re 90% invested in the ground transportation industry, so when they are successful, we are successful. When they are bleeding, we bleed with them,” he explains. Because he knows the pain operators are going through, he and his company decided they would do whatever they could to help.

He knew operators needed a way to get the word out to their clients that they are still open. So, Create-A-Card worked on some e-blast designs they are giving away completely free of charge. He recommends shooting out one a week. They can be personalized with company logos and additional text if needed.


“It’s important operators let their clients know they are there for them now, and if they don’t feel comfortable traveling at the moment, they will still be there for them as soon as this situation turns around.” Messina says he knew the best thing he could do for the industry was to give away the templates for free whether the people who download them are his clients or not.

The JPEG files can also be used on multiple social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. For those who plan to send them out via email, he recommends staying away from using COVID-19 or coronavirus in the subject line.

“People are already receiving so many emails with those terms. You want to be respectful. Try using something like, ‘need to travel and can’t get out?,’ ‘afraid to travel?,’ or ‘don’t want to travel with a group?’” He mentions some people are stranded and might not want to get on planes or trains. It’s important to let your clients know you’re still open by staying front of mind without scaring them.

One other way to stay in contact with clients is to use any extra time you have when you’re not handling rides to call and check on how they are doing. It helps them realize you are still there. You may even want to reach out to local groceries, pharmacies, and restaurants to see if they need help with deliveries — they’ll remember you after this is all over.

Messina says he wants operators to know he and his company are here to support the industry. “While it’s a scary situation, I do like that it’s bringing people together. If people have questions, they should feel free to call me; even if I don’t have answers, maybe I can point them in the right direction. Let’s keep sticking together as a community.”

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  • Theresa

     | about 4 months ago

    When we hit submit to download those free forms from Arthur we get a message that says ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND Why are we seeing this page? 404 Errors After Clicking WordPress Links It says that something is wrong with the .htaccess file Our stuff is good but when we hit submit to download arthurs stuff.. we're not getting stuff... bummer.

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