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Martin Romjue
Posted on March 11, 2020
Yasmin and Amir Zafar of GRiDD Technologies at their exhibit booth during an International LCT Show. (LCT file photo)

Yasmin and Amir Zafar of GRiDD Technologies at their exhibit booth during an International LCT Show. (LCT file photo)

The growing GNet platform by GRiDD Technologies has emerged as the go-to network linking reservation platforms and software systems throughout the luxury ground transportation industry.

Now it has taken more steps toward sharing and customizing rates and farm-out rides among its members.

So far, the real-time, on-demand affiliate networking tool spans about 1,200 service providers with an estimated 34,000 fleet vehicles that collectively use 12 different software systems and/or reservation platforms. Many more are in the process of integrating.  

GNet has gained a growing following in the industry as it meets the demands of operators who would like to affiliate and connect in real or near-demand times on their terms. It answers the longtime plea from many operators to have an industry-wide system where disparate reservation software systems can communicate across APIs.


LimouRATE ( a professional cloud-based universal rate engine, a product of GRiDD’s German partners at 2S, and is available to GNet members.

This tool is used to manage and share rates and rate sheets. GNet users can set specific rates while checking partner rates with the click of a button, thus eliminating the need to make multiple phone calls and emails.

GNet partners can connect with others using direct pricing information and find or agree to mark-ups as they arrange affiliate rides. A partner’s internal rates are only visible to selected partners.

“This feature lets you query your partners’ rates and helps you set and get rates in real-time,” Zafar said.

Auto Quote

A second feature called Auto Quote has been released and is available through the GNet dashboard.

This service finds partners near the pickup area and pulls rates from all of them at the same time. “Instead of digging out rates one at a time, you can see a list of rates from nearby affiliates by clicking a button," Zafar said.


The third feature, branded by GNet, taps the community of affiliates similar to WhatsApp groups. It automatically broadcasts trips to affiliate partners on GNet filtered by distance and lets them pick and choose according to their availability, Zafar said.

The feature has three modes, based on fixed price, solicited requests, or full disclosure of rates. It enables participants to choose their mode of transaction and broadcast away. This saves time on communication and collaboration for each reservation between partners, he said.

Mode 2 works like a bidding system, where the company farming out can raise its offering price in dollar increments to get a taker.

In a related development, Limo Anywhere is now bi-directional, with L.A. users able to farm out into GNet in addition to accepting rides from it. Burbank-based Music Express also announced this month it has signed on to GNet.

GRiDD/GNet Integrations:

Software and reservation-related platforms that participate in GNet:


  • Limo Anywhere
  • FASTTRAK Cloud Livery Software
  • Livery Coach
  • Hudson Group
  • 2S LimouERP
  • TBR
  • Aleph/Tandem

One-way-in directional:

  • LimoConnect 24/7
  • DANet
  • iVcardo
  • SoundView Technologies/Elite
  • Vehiculos VIP

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