What Is Uber’s Secret Project To Bolster Case Against AB5?

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Posted on January 8, 2020
Secrets are being spilt (Photo via Unsplash user Kristina Flour)

Secrets are being spilt (Photo via Unsplash user Kristina Flour)

Uber’s chief technology officer, Thuan Pham, put out a cryptic call for volunteers to join a “critical project around AB5″ that would involve developing new app features, according to an October email viewed by The Washington Post. The effort, undertaken by policy, legal, marketing, technology, and operations staffers, was regarded as one of the “most critical, impactful, and urgent” efforts at the company, expected to deliver most of its value through the end of the year.

The Washington Post article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 7 months ago

    California looses about 500 million dollars from ubers independant contractors b.s. cloud The reality of running a business and using investors money to cover losses is simply criminal That was a real anti trust legal lawsuit that was never brought to light

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