Ground Transport Services Should Cut Drip-Pricing

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Posted on January 8, 2020
Your clients want to know what they owe you up front (Photo via Pexels user Alexander Mils)

Your clients want to know what they owe you up front (Photo via Pexels user Alexander Mils)

Consider this real example from a legacy limousine service. A corporate traveler may think company policy permits a $100 transfer from Manhattan to Newark, as first shown on the provider's website. However, after requesting the ride, the price gushes to $167. Mandatory fuel, administration, and tolls cost $47 and a negotiable tip is $20. The ride may then violate policy.

Another chauffeur service shows a base fare of $82 from O'Hare to Chicago. Clicking the information circle reveals that tip, taxes, fees, and tolls will appear on the payment screen. Clicking to request the ride shows a $126 estimate. The fine print admits tolls or airport parking could further increase the fare.

Is this the way to still do business in era of all-in pricing ride apps?

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  • Mike Soski, Destino San D

     | about 13 days ago

    We quote all-in pricing. The only add-ons come from parking for a Meet & Greet, which we then quote a usual $6 extra for the airport parking, or tolls for the most common toll road between here (San Diego) and Orange County/LA. Hourlies are totally based on a minimum and then based on time-of-use, which we estimate for the client. No admin fees, service fees, extra gas fees, etc.

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