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Lexi Tucker
Posted on January 8, 2020
Vojkan Tasic, Ph.D, founder of Limos4 Premium Limousine Service and Global Ground Transportation Institute (GGTI) board member

Vojkan Tasic, Ph.D, founder of Limos4 Premium Limousine Service and Global Ground Transportation Institute (GGTI) board member

BUCHS, SWITZERLAND ─ Vojkan Tasic, Ph.D, founder of Limos4 Premium Limousine Service and Global Ground Transportation Institute (GGTI) board member, believes there aren’t many chances to differentiate yourself in the limousine industry.

“Everyone seems to be talking about customer service, impeccable cars, professional drivers, etc. But if you ask a regular customer, when they pay for premium ground transportation service, all those points should be there by default,” he explains.

His company strives to be at the forefront of the industry by experimenting with new technologies and keeping processes fresh.

Steps To Success

There are three steps Tasic’s company has taken to position its business for the future. First, they developed their own livery software. “That’s been our main growth driver in the last several years as it brings necessary flexibility to better serve clients. Also, our software gives us the ability to introduce new features and changes in a matter of days from a change request,” he says.

As such, many of their affiliate partners have asked to purchase it. However, it consists of many proprietary features, which make it unsuitable for other operators for now. Nevertheless, Tasic is negotiating with several partners about the possibility of configuring some parts of the software so they can use it in their daily business.

Secondly, Limos4 has a thorough affiliate vetting process. If someone wants to become one of their affiliates, they must go through an 11-step procedure. The Limos4 team conducts ghost rides to check for quality, checks solvency with local agencies, and requests chauffeurs’ background check records. Only after that can they receive runs. Each partner is monitored for three months. After that period, they can receive more work from Limos4. “The process doesn’t end there; we hand our partners over for affiliate quality assurance to our QA team that also performs regular quality checks.”

Finally, they are in the process of introducing a new way of payment — cryptocurrencies. “I am convinced the current state of the banking industry is undergoing big changes and that blockchain as a technology (which is the underlying foundation of cryptocurrencies) will have much more presence in banking. The crypto market is growing (currently the market cap is at $230 billion) and more products and services based on blockchain are coming. This is one of the reasons why we would like to introduce this capability to our customers to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrencies.”

Staying In The Know

Tasic holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from ETH Zurich, which makes his entry into the industry quite uncommon. His background is in electrical engineering, but he’s also been doing a lot in the area of IT systems and software domain during and after earning his Ph.D. This made it easy for him to establish the company’s development and digital marketing teams, especially how to wisely choose people for these roles.

“Given the technological complexities one faces during Ph.D. studies, making our own livery software was not a big challenge. I can say my experience has definitely given us a competitive advantage in the market.”

Preparing For What’s To Come

The industry is undergoing many changes. First, there was the sharing economy; now we have the gig economy, and we don’t know what’s coming next, Tasic says.

“All these paradigm changes through various innovative business models are based on advancements in the latest technologies and integrations. It’s obvious our industry has not made enough investments in the digitalization and automation of business processes. I would pay special attention to integration with other systems. Nowadays, it’s not acceptable to have a software system that cannot ‘speak’ to other systems,” he says.

“However, I would keep in mind we are serving a demanding customer sector and we need to ensure we don’t lose the human touch at the end of the day. This can be achieved by constant training of chauffeurs and the back-office staff.”

Becoming Fool Proof

During his time in the industry, Vojkan says they have learned from challenges like chargebacks, clients unwilling to pay, and miscommunication with affiliates and clients.

He has taken an engineering process called 8D, which comes from the automotive industry, and has adapted it to help improve his business. 8D stands for 8 Disciplines and describes the steps that need to be taken to avoid facing the same problem again.

The process guides the team to properly define the issue. Then, the team takes short-term containment actions which lead to the root cause analysis. Next, the team comes up with permanent corrective actions and implements them. Afterwards, they implement prevention measures. Finally, the team needs to receive recognition for the work they’ve done.

“We have adapted this process to our needs and modified it a little bit. Benefits of the process are manifold — we use it for legal documentation purposes, training new staff, as well as to avoid panic since everyone knows what to do in case of emergency.”

Getting GGTI Moving

After visiting the LCT Shows for the last several years, he noticed the industry lacks diversity in leadership, Tasic says. Most of the people in similar organizations are from the same background and have the same positions, which is known to block innovation and further development.

“The first time I heard about GGTI and the plans for it from Sara Eastwood-Richardson, I was excited because I knew immediately it would bring great benefits to the whole industry,” he says.

The most important change the organization will bring about, in his opinion, will come through creating relationships with key stakeholders from big consumers of luxury ground transportation service.

“GGTI will provide members with insightful information on client needs and requirements and answer questions like do they need passenger apps, what is a customer’s persona, do corporate passengers need newspapers in the car, and more. I think many operators do not have answers to these questions right now, but GGTI is here to solve it.”

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     | about 6 months ago

    this man (PhD) has an engineering mindset that is characterized by precision, innovation and the knowledge that hard work is leading to success. He is Tesla(car and scientist) in this business.

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