Uber's London Ban Marks Global Backlash For TNCs

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Posted on November 27, 2019
Uber's 99 problems and all of them are regulatory... (Photo via Pixabay user StockSnap)

Uber's 99 problems and all of them are regulatory... (Photo via Pixabay user StockSnap)

London's transport authority banned Uber for a second time on Nov. 25, citing concerns about customer safety after vulnerabilities in the app let drivers fake their identities in thousands of rides.

The decision shows regulatory scrutiny of passenger safety is intensifying -- adding a new front in a global crackdown that had focused on drivers' rights.

San Francisco Chronicle article here

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  • Chuck Cotton

     | about 2 months ago

    Being of British heritage ( Canterbury Manor), I have been able to provide Uber's corrupt legerdemain BS to British authorities who have taken action in banning Uber once and for all. However, I point out the ban must become effective immediately as they will continue operations through the appeal. Uber officials will give BS assurances ," They are working on it etc etc." Do not believe it. They have no intention of complying with any law as they refuse to do so in the US since their inceptions. RID THE LONDON STREETS NOW.

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