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Pay No Good: TNC Drivers More Unsatisfied Than Ever

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Posted on November 20, 2019
TNC drivers aren't all that happy (Photo via Pexels user Peter Fazekas)

TNC drivers aren't all that happy (Photo via Pexels user Peter Fazekas)

An annual survey conducted by The Rideshare Guy received 948 responses and revealed answers to questions like how much Uber and Lyft drivers are making, their current satisfaction with driving, and whether they prefer to be independent contractors or employees. Below are some of the highlights. Click here for the full report.

  • Uber drivers are earning more. Driving for Uber alone was the most profitable with those drivers reporting earnings of $19.73 per hour before expenses. Lyft only drivers reported lower earnings of just $17.43 per hour before expenses, proving once again Uber is king when it comes to driver pay.
  • After expenses, drivers are only earning $12-13 per hour. Operating a vehicle is an expensive endeavor, and this is one of the reasons why many drivers end up quitting - they're just not making as much as they thought they were once they take into account vehicle expenses.
  • Only 48% of Uber drivers are satisfied with their experience. This is a 10% drop since last year and despite a new CEO who was supposed to fix Uber's image with drivers, the numbers show the relationship between drivers and Uber is getting worse.
  • 66% of drivers want to remain independent contractors. Despite AB5 passing in California, and a number of other cities/states considering similar legislation, most drivers want to remain ICs, likely because they are scared they would lose the flexibility that comes with driving (37% of drivers indicated flexibility was the #1 reason why they drive, pay was 53%).
  • Cities need to do more for drivers. 55% of drivers said cities should enact higher pay/rates to help drivers and 36% said they wanted a cap on drivers. 33% said they just want more access to a bathroom.
  • Both companies are terrible at driver safety. 54% of drivers said both Uber and Lyft need to do more for driver safety. This may be just one of the reasons why 22% of drivers reported carrying a weapon while driving.

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  • Dave

     | about 7 months ago

    If the TNC drivers are unhappy and are losing money then stop doing it. How is this hard to understand

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