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Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 13, 2019
Kevin Hernandez, managing director of ground transportation at Ace Parking

Kevin Hernandez, managing director of ground transportation at Ace Parking

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Kevin Hernandez, managing director of ground transportation at Ace Parking, believes transportation and education go hand in hand. With as frequent as disruption happens, it’s important to remain informed not just of companies and events affecting your niche of the industry, but others in the transportation realm as well. Here, Hernandez discusses why he decided to become a board member of the Global Ground Transportation Institute (GGTI) and why he believes it will only make the industry stronger.


For most of his life, whenever he wasn’t working, he was at school learning. Hernandez has spent his entire professional career in the transportation industry and in tandem with that spent seven years of his adult life in school. He received his bachelor’s degree in History in 2011, got a master’s degree in History in 2014, and then earned an MBA in finance in 2017.

“GGTI differed to me because Sarah Gazi, the executive director, has stressed it’s more focused on educational content than sales. I liked her passion for educating the industry on rising topics,” he explains.

Hernandez hopes to provide a unique perspective to board discussions. “Education is a collaborative effort; you give a little and gain a little. Connecting people to others they might have never met without the GGTI is something I hope to build. There aren’t a lot of people in my age group who are dying to get into the transportation industry, and I want to change how people perceive it and make it seem more appealing.”

He believes this education and collaboration will draw new members. “It will create value for future leaders in the industry. There’s no denying transportation is undergoing a revolution, so having current and future corporate and industry leaders take part in becoming educated on the topic will create a better adoption rate. On top of that, I don’t want to be here by myself; I want more young professionals to join the industry and create a new wave of transportation leaders that will push us to the next level.”

A Life Touched By Transportation

Hernandez grew up around transportation his whole life. His mother was an assistant to the transportation director of a company called Servisair, which has since gone through many iterations specifically at LAX. Being a single mom, she would bring her son to the office from time to time, and he eventually learned how to do trip sheets and total them up. As he grew, the transportation director became his mentor in high school and into college. He got officially involved at 18 as a graveyard shift supervisor. It was during this time he discovered he had a knack for organizing transportation.

Over eight months, he managed a fleet of 30 buses. When he took off to college, he came back for short stints in the summer which helped him continue to grow. After he graduated, he got offered a supervisor position, and when his mentor retired, he took over as general manager of operations at LAX for the company. Eventually, Ace Parking recruited him to build out their transportation division.

He has now been with Ace for four years. “I knew nothing about parking and wanted to focus solely on transportation which has been in their portfolio for about 20 years, but never to the scale we’ve accomplished in the last four years,” he explains.

A large majority of what they do is focused around airport transportation, but they’ve recently branched out into corporate campus, hospital, and medical center transportation. They plan on also breaking into university and school fixed-route transportation as well. 95% of their fleet is comprised of cutaway buses. Hernandez oversees about 150 total shuttles in the fleet.

Interested in learning more about the GGTI? Click here

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