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Lexi Tucker
Posted on November 7, 2019
Jennifer Stegman, director of sales and logistics for Martz Group

Jennifer Stegman, director of sales and logistics for Martz Group

WILES-BARRE, Pa. — Jennifer Stegman, director of sales and logistics for Martz Group, didn’t begin her career thinking, “I want to work for a bus company.” Nevertheless, she’s always had a passion for helping to meet the needs of customers.

Never A Boring Day

Obviously, many people unfamiliar with the nuances of sales view the process as simply selling a product; Stegman has a different perspective. “Sales is about dedicating yourself to serving others. I get to immerse myself in learning while helping people daily,” she says.

Stegman has been in sales for most of her career. There was an opening for a sales manager at the Martz Group in 2014, and she applied because she was seeking a new challenge. “Having known the Martz brand since I was a child, I had always held the company in high regard. Since then, my role has evolved to include both sales and logistics.”

In the logistics portion of her job, she continues to problem solve — something that keeps her job interesting. “I love moving the pieces of the puzzle around, analyzing the data, and making improvements that make us more efficient.”

She says since she’s joined The Martz Group, she’s become passionate about striving to make passenger experiences even better. The company takes client feedback seriously and monitors social media to help them adjust as necessary to improve customer experience. Stegman says she couldn’t do it without the support of a great team.

“I love being a part of a team that’s committed to the same mission. Being part of a family run business means you’re treated like family, and this is what makes The Martz Group so special. With its long history, the company has never lost its sense of caring for people. We all support each other. This is difficult to find in large corporate cultures.”

Client Focused

The Martz Group has quite a long history. Founded in 1908, they are a fifth-generation family-owned business that provides transportation in seven states: Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C, and Florida.

What Stegman loves about the brand is its commitment to transforming the experience of its clients, such as commuter, contract, and charter customers. They run a modern fleet made up of 198 full-size motorcoaches and seven other vehicles with a variety of seating that include all the amenities any traveler could possibly want, including:

  • Wi-Fi110v outlets with USB ports
  • Flat screen monitors with DVD players (along with HDMI hook up capabilities on select buses)
  • ADA accessibility
  • Overhead parcel rack storage
  • Reclining seats with footrests
  • Individual reading lights
  • PA system
  • Restroom
  • Large luggage bays

“We’re consistently making investments in people, safety, training, and technology, putting our customers at the center of everything we do.”

Networking At Its Best

Since she joined the Women in Buses Council in 2016, she has grown personally and professionally. She is inspired being part of a group of talented women who are dedicated in their roles and to the bus industry. “I’m a big believer that women need to support and encourage other women because it takes a village to thrive and be great.”

In the bus industry, it’s important to network and share what you’ve learned with others. “Getting involved means being committed to helping others succeed. The group is also a place to gain different perspectives and share best practices and fresh ideas,” she says.

Prioritize And Conquer

Her time in the industry has taught her many tactics and concepts. “I have learned sometimes your competitors can become your biggest allies. It’s a great feeling to help other companies in a pinch and vice versa. Therefore, networking is key.”

Because the industry is a 24/7 business and no two days are the same, it’s vital to devise a strategy to help you tackle all your tasks in a timely manner. Her current boss has taught her a strategy called “the four Ds”: Do, delegate, delay, or discard.

This helps one decide when a problem arises whether to do it as soon as possible, delegate it to someone who could do it better than you, delay it until you can get to it, or discard it completely.

Stegman says she is thankful for the support of her coworkers and family. “I have two amazing children that are proud of what I do. This is my greatest success of all.”

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