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Lexi Tucker
Posted on October 2, 2019
Global Ground Transportation Institute’s Executive Director Sarah Gazi is ready to help you get your problems solved.

Global Ground Transportation Institute’s Executive Director Sarah Gazi is ready to help you get your problems solved.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Do you have a question or problem that’s been nagging at you lately? They say two heads are better than one when it comes to solving issues, but what about five? A session called “The Solution Room,” led by the Global Ground Transportation Institute’s Executive Director Sarah Gazi on Nov. 4 from 4pm to 5pm at LCT East held at the Hard Rock Hotel, will give you the opportunity to get together with four other operators in an intimate setting that will encourage discussion and problem solving.

Simple Session, Big Impact

Gazi will be moderating the session, and says there will be five people per table, with each getting 10 minutes to present their query to their peers and hear potential solutions from the rest of those at their table. “I want them to talk about the most pressing issues that have been keeping them awake at night. It’s highly likely that problem has occurred with someone else at the table, and this will give them the opportunity to find solutions that really work from experience.”

Operators will want to come prepared with one topic they want an answer to and expect to sit with those they don’t really know. “If two people from same company sit down at the same table, that won’t help. This is a divide and conquer kind of session.”

Learning With A Tinge Of Networking

Although the session’s focus is problem solving, that’s not to say you won’t meet people, become impressed by them, and form bonds to become new affiliates. With no topic off limits, Gazi hopes operators will feel comfortable in the knowledge they are not alone and every challenge they face has a potential solution. Whether your question is about HR issues, customer service, or finances, you’ll never know who at your table has had the same problem and successfully dealt with it.

“Everybody has problems, and this session can act as peer therapy in a way. Your fellow operators are your greatest resource. I hope everyone who chooses to attend this session will walk away with a solution to their problem or at least ideas to help solve it.”

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