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Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 18, 2019

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Each new year presents fresh technology for operators to catch up to and understand. The transportation sector is constantly being disrupted by new mobility start-ups and ideas that alter the way companies do business.

Nick Kokas of Brentwood's Distinguished Executive Transporation in Macomb, Mich., will be hosting a session called, "Mobility Technology: Past, Present, and Future" on Monday, Nov. 4 from 9 am to 9:50 am at LCT East held at the Hard Rock Hotel that will touch on what operators can expect to see in 2020 and beyond.

Embrace Change, Or Get Left Behind

Kokas says now more than ever, the for-hire sector of passenger transportation has to become more knowledgeable and realize they are within a niche called the greater mobility space.

"New industries and sectors are now entering our space, and many of these sectors are not only more corporate savvy but also have billions of dollars in profits. They can afford to experiment within our sector and also invest in it for the long run," he explains. This is why is it important for operators to stay on top of developments in the mobility technology space.

If you are reluctant to understand or embrace new technology, then Kokas says you need to consider an exit strategy. "The consumer has answered with their dollars. Technology makes their lives easier and they spend with companies that make the transaction easier both from an acquiring aspect as well as the delivery aspect. It's no different than when you used to spend thousands of dollars on phone book advertising and then abruptly stopped spending there when it became obsolete with the advent of the internet and Google."

Addressing The Elephant In The Room

When asked to give a small taste of one of the new disruptions he’ll be talking about at the show, he says he will finally be talking about the elephant in the room: Ride-hailing.

"It won't be in the way you think, either. In fact, they will be part of the future conversation directly. We will now be able to talk about both the good and bad regarding TNCs. This is meant to be constructive, not destructive. They are here, and they are here to stay," he says.

He also clarifies it won't just be about Uber and Lyft. "In fact, we will discuss new entrants into the market. We will discuss how they're investing within this mobility niche and how many from within research groups like Harvard and other professional analyst companies in transportation are indicating these new entrants will probably be disrupting the likes of Uber and Lyft."

Why You Can't Afford To Miss It

Privately over the years operators have been talking behind closed doors about TNCs, but never in a productive, public format. Kokas is here to change that. "This is our industry's first time doing a deep dive. Come with an open mind and you'll leave with valuable information."

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