New Majority Mixer Brings Inclusivity To LCT East

Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 11, 2019

All ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and fleet sizes are welcome to attend the new majority mixer at LCT East. (Photo by Unsplash user Ali Yahya)

All ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, and fleet sizes are welcome to attend the new majority mixer at LCT East. (Photo by Unsplash user Ali Yahya)

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Tiffany Hinton, Chief Administrative Officer of MOTEV in Los Angeles, Calif., wanted to create a new networking event for attendees of LCT East, being held at the Hard Rock Hotel from Nov. 3-5. She came up with "The New Majority Mixer," which will provide an opportunity to understand how incredibly diverse the luxury ground transportation industry is and what operators can learn from each other. Here's what she wants you to know about the event, held Nov. 3 from 2pm to 3:30pm.

Come One, Come All

First off, Hinton wants people to know everyone is invited. "We are calling it the new majority mixer because it’s not about exclusion, but inclusion. Don’t be put off by the name and don’t think the title is meant to separate people; it’s meant to show and amplify the fact there are more of us who are the same than different," she explains.

As a double minority, an African American female, who came into the industry only a few years ago, she understands how other new operators may be feeling if this is their first show. 

Tiffany Hinton of MOTEV in Los Angeles, Calif.

Tiffany Hinton of MOTEV in Los Angeles, Calif.

 "When I first got my start, I noticed there were significant differences in the way different groups in the industry relate to each other. Not just ethnically, but generational as well. I think it’s important groups that have similar challenges are able to get together, interact, and share ideas and experiences in order to make everyone’s experience in the industry easier and more significant," she says.

She feels the more info you are able to gather, the more effective you will become and therefore more successful. "I saw a gap that needed to be filled because there was nothing there for me when I came in. I wanted to create a way for us to transcend race, ethnicity, and gender, and come together for our mutual good."

Benefits Of Understanding Differences

The client bases operators serve are diverse, as is the world. Everyone has different customs, and by embracing the diversity that exists within the luxury transportation industry, operators will be better equipped to serve their clients.

She says the greatest benefit of the mixer is attendees are going to realize they are not an island. "There is more diversity in the industry than we promote and embrace. This will start the conversation to create long-lasting relationships with people who are likeminded and challenged in similar areas."

Future Events

In the future, Hinton would love to see more diversity in educational sessions, perhaps on customs, so operators can help their employees become better greeters and interact better with clients in the US and oversees. "We don’t have a great grasp of ourselves as a global community even though we do business globally."

More mixers and events where attendees can hear more stories from diverse owner-operators globally about how they grew and survive disruption is also of interest.

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