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Lexi Tucker
Posted on September 4, 2019
Anuj Patel, director of strategic development at Pontarelli Companies in Chicago, Ill. is ready to shake things up at his session.

Anuj Patel, director of strategic development at Pontarelli Companies in Chicago, Ill. is ready to shake things up at his session.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — New leadership leads to innovative thinking, something that will help propel the luxury transportation industry into the coming years.

Anuj Patel, director of strategic development at Pontarelli Companies in Chicago, Ill., will be discussing the importance of evaluating those in decision-making positions, while also keeping an open mind when looking for new blood to help give a modern boost to business at his session titled, "The Leadership Priority: Cultivating and Evaluating Current and Future Decision Makers and the Decisions They Make." It will be held at LCT East on Nov. 4 from 9 am to 9:50 am at the Hard Rock Hotel

What Is Leadership?

Leadership can come from anywhere and exist everywhere, even where you least expect it, Patel says. Leaders are needed in all levels of a company, not only at the very top.

"Leaders make most of the decisions in most companies. There is no room for error in vital decision making that affects business and the bottom line. You are only as successful as your plan, which is composed of many different decisions you and your team have made to run the company. Is your leadership team being evaluated and assessed regularly? This is something we will delve into during the session." 

There are many differences between a manager and a leader, which is something Patel will review in detail. "I think we are in a historic time when it comes to leadership in our niche industry. You are seeing many young leaders take center stage. A youth movement is obvious in most companies at the leadership level, not just in our industry, but in ALL industries all over the world. We will dive into the statistics that prove this."

Qualified Leader

A young leader himself, Patel has been with Pontarelli in his role for four years. Before working there, he was the director of business affairs at Windy City Limousine & Bus Worldwide. Prior to moving to Chicago, he was the general manager at Perfect Limo, Svc. in Montvale, N.J. for about two years. 

He entered the industry in a senior management role when TNCs started to disrupt luxury transportation and has fallen in love with the challenge of helping leading operators navigate through this historic time.

Patel was a serial entrepreneur for most of his life before entering the industry. Prior to ground transportation, he was heavily involved in education (as a gym teacher/athletic director in Southern California), the international real estate market, food franchise development, fashion, business consulting, large event production (as a nightclub DJ from the ages of 14 to 23), and digital marketing and e-commerce (as a self-proclaimed "branding and marketing nerd"). 

"I have a proven record of developing business through improving sales and marketing processes throughout many industries and markets," Patel says. "I am a member of LCT Magazine’s advisory board and love witnessing the rise of young leadership in our industry. I truly believe with the right leadership in place, anything is possible. I believe success is found through building relationships, awesome communication, and the power of positive thinking."

He graduated from The George Washington University in 2004 with a degree in Business Administration, concentrating in international business, and was selected to become a part of the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) as a freshman.

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