Indy Operation Works New OurBus Intercity Route

Lexi Tucker
Posted on August 28, 2019
Is there an OurBus coming to your town? (Photo by Wikimedia Commons user SM3544)

Is there an OurBus coming to your town? (Photo by Wikimedia Commons user SM3544)

OurBus, which started in 2016, doesn’t own any buses but instead contracts with tour bus companies for high-end vehicles with Wi-Fi and reclining seats, the kind of buses typically chartered for business conferences or traveling sports teams. The buses for the Indianapolis route come from Gold Shield Transportation in Indianapolis.

Jami Crouch, director of operations for Gold Shield Transportation in Indianapolis, Ind., told LCT Gold Shield learned about OurBus when they had found an opportunity in the Indianapolis market. The local Amtrak train lost its funding to run from Indianapolis to Chicago, and was putting a bit of strain on some of the local passengers that frequently used that specific route.

"They had no other option but Greyhound and the schedule is a little unique. We tried to replicate the exact timetable as Amtrak with OurBus because we didn’t want them to have any delay," she says. As such, the last day the Amtrak ran, their OurBus route started the very next day. "We didn’t want to skip a beat and needed to keep the momentum with the existing travelers to make it a smooth transition." 

They offered a discounted rate through OurBus to be able to attract those customers, and numbers were a little slow the first few days. However, momentum picked up when a second bus was added on the weekend.

"We found it’s something people are taking whether it's for business or personal travel. Trips amp up on Sundays because people are going in on Thursday or Friday and staying through the weekend then coming home. It's been a really positive experience, and the team at OurBus is wonderful to work with. It's become a part of our everyday routine and makes for great busy work. We hope the relationship with OurBus will allow us to expand into other markets with them."

Chicago Tribune article here

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