Lyft Has Been Flooded With Sexual Assault Lawsuits

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Posted on August 21, 2019
Lyfters beware (Photo via Unsplash user Thought Catalog)

Lyfters beware (Photo via Unsplash user Thought Catalog)

On Aug. 1, seven women filed sexual assault lawsuits against Lyft, alleging they were raped or assaulted by Lyft drivers, then charged fees for rides even after reporting them to the company.

Four of these women allege they were raped by their Lyft drivers. One woman, a resident of Louisiana, claims after spending an evening with a friend in New Orleans in Jan. 2019, she was “raped and sodomized” by her Lyft driver in his home. In 2016, another woman ordered a Lyft after a night out in San Diego. Hours later, her friends walked in on her Lyft driver allegedly raping her in her bedroom. “It’s important to note a large number of our clients were victims of a physical sexual assault of some kind, not just harassment,” Meghan McCormick, an attorney on the case told Motherboard.

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