Affiliate Manager Finds Success In Building Bonds

Lexi Tucker
Posted on August 14, 2019
Renee Ferraro, affiliate manager for ZBest Worldwide

Renee Ferraro, affiliate manager for ZBest Worldwide

BALTIMORE, Md. — One of the most positive benefits of the luxury transportation industry is the enduring relationships forged among operators. Often, they aren’t just affiliates; they become family.

Renee Ferraro, affiliate manager for ZBest Worldwide, has enjoyed her time working in the industry because of the friendships she has formed that have helped propel her and the company into the spotlight.

Limo Family

Ferraro has always been interested in travel. She earned a degree in travel marketing and first planned to pursue a career in the airline industry. Oddly enough, she got her start working in the orthopedic medical field. Once she had children, she needed a part-time job to be able to take them to sports games and practices. She got offered a position at a limo company, and eventually attended the International LCT Show in Las Vegas. “Everyone was so friendly and open. It’s become like a second family to me. Everyone gets along because we all go through the same thing.”

After eight years, she decided to take a break. When she posted her goodbye message on Facebook, George Rains, executive vice president of global operations at ZBest, reached out to her to see if she’d like to come in for an interview. “I was so overwhelmed by how welcoming they were and impressed with their professionalism and great business model.”

She works remotely for the company out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and has been with them for four years now. Every six to eight weeks, she’ll travel to the office and stay for a week to bond with the staff. When there’s a big event, they fly her in, and she also travels to the shows, different industry events, and 20 groups. “I enjoy helping get the ZBest name out there.”

Staying Service Oriented

The company fluctuates between 55 and 60 vehicles as they sell and replace them to keep the fleet fresh. A diverse mix of sedans, SUVs, vans, stretch limos, minibuses, motorcoaches, and even a trolley help ZBest attract a variety of clientele. They serve retail markets like weddings and proms, but also corporate accounts as well.

Ferraro believes you should never be compliant and content with where you are in your career, and constantly strive to be better.

“In this industry, you have to always stay involved and ahead of the curve or you’ll be left behind.” Uber and Lyft have brought about disruption, but it doesn’t mean you should sit there and say, “It’s over.”

As an affiliate manager, one of the biggest challenges she faces is depending on other companies to provide the same service levels as Z Best. “It’s out of your control and it’s a challenge. Even if you go, meet people, and tour their offices, things happen. It’s really tough when you become friends with an operator and their service standards don’t meet yours.”

She says affiliate managers should never form their opinions on others based on size. “It doesn’t matter if you’re working out of your basement or home. Do you have the vehicles I need and can you provide the service that matches ours? If so, we’ll be happy to partner with you. An office doesn’t make you what you are; smaller companies provide some of the best service.”

Helping Others

Something she enjoys about the industry is how so many women own their companies. “I’m proud of their strength and so glad to be a part of an industry that respects that.”

After 12 years in the business, she’s appreciative of those who look up to and respect her skills as an affiliate manager. As a member of the Street Team at LCT Shows, she loves to help others and share her knowledge with those new to the industry. “I really enjoy being a part of the luxury transportation family.”

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