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Chauffeur Is Fastest-Growing Job For Women In America

Lexi Tucker
Posted on August 14, 2019
What's been your experience with female chauffeurs? (Photo: Blacklane)

What's been your experience with female chauffeurs? (Photo: Blacklane)

Taxi drivers and chauffeurs are the fastest-growing jobs for women in America, according to a new study.

On Aug. 13, SmartAsset published research that found which occupations are employing more women than they have previously, including the taxi and chauffeur industry, which saw an increase of 188% from 2014 to 2018.

LCT asked women who are members of the LCT's Women of the Industry Facebook group for their thoughts on the matter:

Diane Forgy, Overland Chauffuered Services: "Coincidentally enough, we have hired more female chauffeurs this year than ever in our history."

Jodi Fickett Merritt, H&L Charter Co.: "More than half of our driving staff is women."

Tammy Carlisle, Action Worldwide: "We have over 25% female chauffeurs and they are phenomenal. They really contribute to our overall success."

Tiffany Hinton, MOTEV: I believe the nature of women to be nurturers lends itself to their success as professional drivers. They are able to provide superior customer service experience because they anticipate needs and desires of their clients and deliver service with thoughtfulness and grace. Clients are able to enjoy a level of comfort that is both familiar and organic. They feel safe. 

Jennifer Cuozzo, A Touch of Class Limousines: "I have always had female chauffeurs. I offer a very flexible schedule so they can work around their children’s school schedules, spouse's work schedule, etc. Women have amazing customer service skills and make clients feel comfortable. I have a client base that only requests female chauffeurs. It’s a win, win!"

Wendy Kleefisch, Brevard Executive Limousine, Inc.: "There is always a need for female chauffeurs! The finesse a female can bring to your team is amazing. They can work part-time, full time, multi-task, follow directions, and are always clean. The female medical patients, moms traveling home, and corporate women appreciate having a female chauffeur."

Estefania Romero, Royal Knights Limousine: "We are a small company, so I'm a chauffeur as well. What I love is I can live my life at the same time I make money. I can work things around and I don't think there are any other jobs quite like this one."

Lauren Gische Nock, RMA Worldwide Chauffuered Transportation: "Our female chauffeurs are great with the clients. They like the time flexibility the job offers. I happened to drive home with a female chauffeur the other day. She handled my luggage like it was nothing. However, she said some men don't allow her to take their luggage. I guess it's a chivalry thing."

Nancy Vargas, DH2 Chauffeured Transportation: "I believe female chauffeurs bring great value to clients. They are understanding, patient, compassionate, and by far can run a smooth ride. Our clients love that, especially driving in our streets of NYC. We are flexible with their schedules, and we do the same for the men. We hope to see more female chauffeurs at DH2."

Tracy Salinger, Unique Limousine: "I would love more amazing women chauffeurs. Those we have are simply fantastic at taking care of our clients. They are natural-born nurturers, and this gives them an outlet to do what they do. Not all women are nurturers, so this isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, all of mine are."

Yahoo Finance article here

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