With Audi A8, L Is For Limousine

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Posted on August 12, 2019
2019 Audi A8 (Photo: Audi)

2019 Audi A8 (Photo: Audi)

Providing more legroom than the business-class section on a trans-Atlantic flight, the rear seats recline and massage. There are retractable shades to block out the sun and full remote control of the audio, lighting and climate systems.

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  • Pierre Bernard

     | about 10 months ago

    An exciting intro. A8 has been popular lately, and a review was just up here recently comparing it to the BMW 750 (740 in the States) so its great to get a review of the "long wheel base version". That it felt like a limo is a great opener. Serious options all added in, high end headliner, leather seats and sound system. And that is great gas mileage. Engine shutdown at traffic lights (start and stops) is surreal; something atop a modern age. Concerns (its size, its centering) seem reasonable enough; avoiding being distracted by the tech. That the voice commands are smoothly interpreted and carried out is among the good praise. Kind of amusing, at the things he hasn't figured out yet, like synching his apple phone with their app / software. Nice one.

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