Lincoln Continental Reserve Ditches 'Old Man' Style

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Posted on August 12, 2019
The Continental is known as a symbol of luxury (Photo: Lincoln)

The Continental is known as a symbol of luxury (Photo: Lincoln)

The fit and finish and luxurious interior combined with a very competitive price certainly places the Continental back into contention in the premium luxury sedan market.

The Spec article here

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  • Pierre Bernard

     | about 10 months ago

    That's a nice opener, hitting across the board in the one, two, three. So, 15 years was a long absence then, before "the Continental nameplate returned to the Lincoln line up." That's interesting, noting the employee enthusiasm at the 2016 launch; they may well be a litmus test. The re-branding of the models with names and not letters is a unique change; perhaps it is part of an overall image change. In getting back to the 2019 model, as the writer states, they've dropped the ' "old man" look of its past'. So they may have re-imaged the past here; re-imaging the future with this design, and the using model names, not letters, as opposed to where the models named in letters was meant to do the re-imaging before. And then the proceeding description/ write up of the vehicle after that is all really well done. A nice one here.

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