Six-Door Volvo Limo Spotted Cruising

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Posted on August 5, 2019

In a short video, the Volvo cruises by just slow enough for you to get a good look at it. There’s no denying the six-door layout. It also appears all the seats, even those in the limousine’s expansive rear passenger compartment, are facing forward. A quick Google search turned up several different interior layouts, including the one in the Volvo above. What’s interesting is there is a six-door layout with the passenger compartment seats facing each other, as you’d expect in a shorter limousine or extended-wheelbase offering.

Motor 1 article here

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  • DHN

     | about 10 months ago

    Not the first time this 6-door Volvos have been built...there was a 960, and 740 wagon, at some point in the 90's. They didn't look half bad.

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