Ultimate Weapon: Secure Driving That Outsmarts Bad Guys

Martin Romjue
Posted on August 7, 2019
Neil Davies (L) of Secure Ground Transportation in London, U.K., provides high security chauffeured service for global VIPs. (photo: LCT)

Neil Davies (L) of Secure Ground Transportation in London, U.K., provides high security chauffeured service for global VIPs. (photo: LCT)

[This is the 10th episode in a recurring series of educational video interviews by LCT editors Martin Romjue, Lexi Tucker, and Jim Luff]

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Operator Neil Davies proves how a high-end luxury chauffeured service can provide clients with security — without any weapons.

The safety approach is more out of necessity since his company, Secure Ground Transportation in London, U.K., has to live up to its moniker in a nation with stricter laws governing firearms than those in the U.S. That means Davies and his business partner, Gary Fraser, make security all about the driving.

To that end, the company has chauffeurs trained by the same special escort group that handles ground transportation for Queen Elizabeth herself, as well as visiting dignitaries, prime ministers, presidents, and royal families when they travel to London.

“We had to look at a different way of how we could protect our clients, high net worth or otherwise,” says Davies during a video interview March 26 at the 2019 International LCT Show in Las Vegas. “We hit on a style of driving which is secure with vehicle management and anti-hijack techniques. Because of the training, the security chauffeurs are unflustered, which means if anything happens, they have the tools in their toolkit to just flick a switch and get out of there. We find, especially with our high net worth American clients and the CEOs of multinational companies, because of the style of driving, they don't feel the need for a bodyguard, which they would ordinarily have in any other country they visit.”

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A typical request involves either a standard chauffeur for a middle manager or vacationer, whereas corporations, with their own in-house security practices, will ask for a security chauffeur.

“They'll ask about our background, the training we've undertaken,” Davies says. “They'll ask about accident records. We're trained to such a high level. The only people who have a higher driving qualification in the UK are the police. It's interesting to note every member of the British royal family has undertaken the exact driving course we've taken because they still drive themselves. Prince William and Catherine still drive the children to school and they've taken the training we've taken.” A security vehicle still follows all Royal Family members, but they do not have security officers in their own vehicles.

While Secure attracts its share of Googling clients, business mostly comes through word of mouth, such as VIPs and executives referring to the company to each other while waiting for charter jets at FBO airports, Davies says.

For high net worth clients who request the higher level service, Secure uses S-Class and V-Class Mercedes-Benz vehicles and the long wheelbase Range Rover Autobiography.

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