RoadStallion Makes Running VIP Vehicles A Reality

Lexi Tucker
Posted on July 31, 2019

Steve Duncan, executive vice president of RoadStallion

Steve Duncan, executive vice president of RoadStallion

EASTON, Md. — Have you ever wanted to run a vehicle that would be too expensive for you to purchase and own? Maybe you have a VIP clientele, but not enough to warrant buying a jet style Sprinter outright. Steve Duncan, executive vice president of RoadStallion, offers an interesting concept to the industry that solves this issue.

Solving A Problem

RoadStallion emerged after a need was identified in the limo market for ultra-high-end vehicle options, specifically for groups of four to 10 passengers. The lux Sprinters built by Custom Coach, a division of Farber Specialty Vehicles, are more spacious than an SUV, and more stylish than your traditional Sprinter.

The company makes its vehicles available to qualified operators in an accessible way. “We didn’t want to require them to make an enormous capital investment or a long-term commitment to a specialty vehicle,” Duncan says.  RoadStallion partners with operators and provides them with a vehicle, and then co-markets and books it alongside them.  So far, they’ve seen success, particularly around big events outside of an operator’s home market like the Super Bowl and Kentucky Derby.

While RoadStallion owns every vehicle in its fleet, they partner with licensed chauffeured transportation operators nationwide who register the vehicles and insure them in their names just like the other vehicles in their fleet. “We don’t operate any vehicles on our own, but we have 10 being run by various companies and are building more RoadStallions at the rate of one a month. We look to place them in new markets as they are being built.”

Building Trust


The vehicle interiors will look incredibly impressive to VIP clients. (Photo: RoadStallion)

The vehicle interiors will look incredibly impressive to VIP clients. (Photo: RoadStallion)

Not unlike how operators vet affiliates, one of the challenges the company has faced during their search for operator partners is weeding through those who can and cannot be relied on.

“It’s deeply crucial,” Duncan says. “You must pick the right people and it’s got to be a right fit for both sides. We are taking most of the risk because we own the vehicles and we have fixed costs whether or not the vehicle does any business.”

However, the amount of business they’ve booked on their own for big events shows the concept is solid. “We book and then send these runs to our operating partners, which is business they wouldn’t have been able to get on their own. We sent five RoadStallions to the Kentucky Derby this year and booked $47,000 in trips that week with just those vehicles.”

What’s Ahead


Even the outside of the vehicle looks ready to catch the eye of a celebrity (Photo: RoadStallion)

Even the outside of the vehicle looks ready to catch the eye of a celebrity (Photo: RoadStallion)

The company is rapidly expanding and looking for key partners in major markets around the U.S. By the end of 2020, they expect to have 30 RoadStallions in the fleet spread across every major U.S. market. “This will give us the ability to cover VIP ground transportation needs at every major event nationwide,” he says.

RoadStallions are operating in Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore/Washington, central Wisconsin, NYC, Atlanta, and South Florida.

“It’s just a perfect fit for our clients and brand,” says Anuj Patel, director of strategic development at Pontarelli Worldwide Ground Transportation in Chicago. “The RoadStallion team is there every step of the way to help  you sell it in your market and beyond, as well as vehicle support. If you have the right clientele and are looking for an out of the box, creative deal to have this special vehicle in your fleet, the RoadStallion is for you. All you have to do is put it on your website and market it through social media and email marketing. We did road shows for it to our top clients and continue to market it daily in all ways. So far it’s been a great fit and joint venture for Pontarelli here in Chicago.”

While Duncan says he understands they won’t be the right fit for every operator, anyone can benefit from booking RoadStallions even through an affiliate. “Whether the run is within or outside of their home market, the experience merits a premium rate so there’s margin to be made.”

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    The Road Stallion, and what they're doing here in the partnership is pretty incredible. Co-marketing and co-booking, while retaining ownership of the vehicle; seems like something's been revolutionized here. (Could the concept be applied like on a rental car level? I.e. stretch the concept into one for auto industry - to - consumers?) The vetting process, which Duncan mentions here, that seems like a tipping point; but their partners get to reap benefits far beyond their current capacity. And an incredible future ahead! Really good blog. https://www.atlantagreatermetrolimousine.com/

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