BMW 7 Series Goes Head-to-Head With Audi A8

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Posted on July 29, 2019
Does the BMW 7 Series beat out competitors? (Photo: BMW)

Does the BMW 7 Series beat out competitors? (Photo: BMW)

Now that the BMW 7 Series facelift has been around for a couple of months, reviews are starting to come out.

The guys from Throttle House have put together a rather interesting comparison between the new 7 Series and one of its main rivals – the Audi A8. At the moment, this ultra luxurious part of the market is dominated by the S-Class and 7 Series. Lexus is also doing rather fine, while the A8 has some ground to cover.

BMW Blog article here

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  • Pierre Bernard

     | about 8 months ago

    So the S-Class and 7 Series are said to be dominating the luxury category at the moment. Also they say Lexus is doing rather fine; so maybe they'll put Lexus in with one or the other of these as a future presentation. And maybe the Mercedes can be a part. And Audi they say here, kinda needs to catch up. In the video they do say the price tag is a definite factor; the Audi's being about twenty k less. And that's interesting that in America it's a 740 series, whereas they are driving a 750 in this one. Really nice one here.

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