Uber Drivers Struggle As Co-Founder Buys Mega-Mansion

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Posted on July 3, 2019
Every time someone taps the app, a co-founder benefits (Photo: Unsplash user Charles)

Every time someone taps the app, a co-founder benefits (Photo: Unsplash user Charles)

As transportation network company (TNC) drivers worldwide continue to struggle for decent wages, benefits, and the basic right to organize, Uber co-founder Garrett Camp reportedly bought a Beverly Hills mansion for a record-breaking $72.5 million.

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  • Frank

     | about 5 months ago

    I am an ex-chauffeur in Southern California. I have been driving for UBER for over 3 years. I signed up for a vehicle through FAIR attached with an UBER weekly promotion based on 70 rides per week to cover the $185.00 weekly cost of the vehicle. Honestly, everything was going just fine for nine months then out of the blue and without notice or warning UBER changed the promotional requirement to 90 rides per week. I only can work nights and weekends around my day job so UBER has made this new requirement completely unattainable. All calls and emails to UBER bear no explanation or justification. All this after I was just recently elevated to “Diamond” status, their top ranking for drivers with highest ratings and fewest cancellations. Who are these morons running this company? It’s like promoting one of your best employees and then quickly cutting their pay and asking them to work longer hours. I quickly went from being a decent steward of the UBER brand to one of their strongest and most vocal critics. I would love to start a competing App Based TNC that charges consumers a little more but treats and pays their drivers FAIRLY! After over 9300 rides, I will be exiting the UBER platform when I hit 10,000 (personal goal). Seriously, and the recent purchase of the $73M Mansion...unconscionable.

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