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Lexi Tucker
Posted on June 26, 2019
Christina Nguyen of Concierge Limousine in Orange County, Calif. sat down with LCT senior editor Lexi Tucker to talk about how to succeed as a young professional in the industry.

Christina Nguyen of Concierge Limousine in Orange County, Calif. sat down with LCT senior editor Lexi Tucker to talk about how to succeed as a young professional in the industry.

[This is the fifth episode in a recurring series of educational videos by LCT editors Martin Romjue, Lexi Tucker, and Jim Luff]

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Christina Nguyen, VP of Concierge Limousine and LCT Operator of the Year winner in the 31-50 vehicle category, says the accolade has only made her want to work harder.

Tips For Future Stars

Nguyen advises when other operators apply for the awards in coming years, it would help to set aside a little bit of time every day to focus on every word of the application. "I know some people think I'm crazy, but I'm very detail-oriented. I literally probably spent 20 hours on that application."

She says she made sure she went back to polish all of the supporting documents she attached, as well as wrote out thoughtful answers to every question. "When I do something, I want to make sure it's done right the first time. I want my company to constantly excel. I think that's where the judges saw how much work I put into the whole process."

The award will continue to push her to strive for greatness even harder. "I'm not a complacent person nor am I happy sitting back and being comfortable. Every day I feel like I want something more for the company, whether it's the littlest improvement, finding out something about my chauffeur to make him happy, etc. At this point now, I feel like I'm ready to take Concierge to the next level. I'm ready to apply probably in two years in the 51+ category!"

Prove The Naysayers Wrong

As a millennial and female in a male-dominated industry, she has one piece of advice to give those who are in the same position looking to join and make a name for themselves: Be real.

"Be yourself. Don't ever be intimidated. Create genuine relationships and friendships with people. Be confident in yourself because you never know what's going to happen. I only started going to the shows a few years ago, and I can say I've built a strong, reliable reputation in that time. Who cares about labels like 'female' or 'millennial?' I mean, if anything, if you're millennial, step it up even more to prove to people you aren't what the stereotypes say you are."

Show Your People Some Love

One of the biggest industry issues in the current economy is attracting and retaining excellent talent. Nguyen has come up with various ways to beat this problem; one of them being bringing in snacks for her staff.

"We're all running a business because we want to make money, but I look at things a little differently. I look at it from the perspective I have people to feed, I have families to take care of, and then I'm also responsible for the mouths they have to feed, and their well-being. I want to try my best to make sure they're living comfortably as well and not paycheck to paycheck. I want to make sure my employees are happy. I do little things where I actually get to know them. I buy quality candy and put it on my desk so the guys are always tempted to come in and chat with me. It really helps me get to know them. At the end of the day, you have to genuinely show you care about people. If they're just another employee, and you're just running another business, why wouldn't they go elsewhere?"

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