2019 Ford Expedition: Full-Size Brawn And Brains

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Posted on June 17, 2019
2019 Ford Expedition Stealth Edition (Photo: Ford)

2019 Ford Expedition Stealth Edition (Photo: Ford)

The Ford Expedition doesn't need to use razzle-dazzle exterior touches to drive the point home this is probably the best full-size SUV you can buy, at any price point.

Forbes article here

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  • Pierre Bernard

     | about 12 months ago

    That is a good article. It goes into laying out how the Not part of where they designed the exterior (or didn't) for its looks; saying it's not a Lambo or a Porsche, for sure, but it's not even like a Lexus SUV with their mad grill and cut body lines. What the article Does do, and the vehicle too, is take us inside and show us something pretty amazing. The writer even did a great job talking about the suspension / drive train being designed to handle in such a way as to cover up the bulk of the vehicle's size during the ride. (Do I say he covers up the cover?) Good post!

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