2019 Ford Transit Is Spacious Behemoth

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Posted on June 17, 2019
2020 Ford Transit (Photo: Ford)

2020 Ford Transit (Photo: Ford)

For the same price as a full-size, seven- or eight-passenger luxury SUV, you can get something with about the same footprint but amenities you simply can’t buy in an SUV.

How does a fold-flat bed sound? Or a power-activated 32-inch LED TV in the ceiling? Or six captain’s chairs? article here

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  • Pierre Bernard

     | about 10 months ago

    The Walldoch Galaxy Transit that's pretty impressive. The article delves into the past where the VW Bus caught on and Americans took to using it for cross country and city alike, when it ponders why one would want something their plumbing contractor uses. The appeal it seems is still there though. If you look at say, a Kia Seoul you find the same thing, or something similar, it is a box, it is like a smaller bus. And the wine touring the author mentions in this article seems to say it is designed more like a fleet vehicle. The amenities inside would suggest the same thing.

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