Chevy Suburban: Big Appeal For Large SUV

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Posted on June 10, 2019
2019 Chevrolet Suburban (Photo: Chevrolet)

2019 Chevrolet Suburban (Photo: Chevrolet)

For a non-luxury brand, the Suburban sure offers plenty of refinement and comfort. Inside there’s very little difference between the Suburban and the Escalade. Seven passengers can comfortably fit inside the Suburban with capacity for eight people even. Leather-appointed seats are comfortable. Touch points are soft and of high quality. It all adds up to a quiet, smooth ride, with little to no road noise.

Dayton Daily News article here

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  • Pierre Bernard

     | about 9 months ago

    It is interesting how the Suburban fits a high end type criteria although it is non-luxury, as you say. The SUV template has created bigger and bigger vehicles over the past twenty or so years and they are often similar, like as you say in this case where Cadillac has a similar build. The amount of seating, which you point out, is enormous, and this does border on a luxury ride where one could find it in a fleet.

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