Young Operations Manager Proves Hard Work Pays Off

Lexi Tucker
Posted on May 22, 2019
Kiara Payne-Scott, operations manager for RideCentric and iDesign Meetings

Kiara Payne-Scott, operations manager for RideCentric and iDesign Meetings

DALLAS, Texas — Stereotypes of Millennials have perpetuated the myth of the lazy 20-something who wants everything handed to them. A look at the work life of Kiara Payne-Scott, operations manager for RideCentric and iDesign Meetings, disproves this rumor. She’s making her mark as a go-getter in an industry starting to see an influx of young professionals.

Discovering A Passion

While pursuing an education degree in 2015, Payne-Scott was looking for an evening position to accommodate her schedule while in school. Although she at first didn’t see herself continuing in the industry, she discovered she had an aptitude for the work and fell in love with it. She quickly climbed from dispatching on the evening shift to handling vehicle maintenance and scheduling chauffeurs.

From there, her hunger to learn about every company position only grew. “They didn’t tell me to do a lot of the things I took upon myself; I just started doing it. I wanted to know how everything worked,” she explains. After a year, she was promoted to the DMC portion of the company called iDesign meetings as an event coordinator. Once she learned the inner workings of that position, she returned to the transportation side of the business as an operations lead.

“I sort of became the go-to person. You want to be able to talk about what the company does, so I feel it was helpful for me to work in multiple roles. It also enabled me to train anyone that comes in.”

Learning To Expect The Unexpected

Payne-Scott quickly learned thriving in the industry requires a lot of organization and planning. “You won’t always be able to think ahead of every little thing, so you have to educate yourself on the surrounding area. When I first started, I didn’t think about how important it would be to familiarize myself with locations like the airport and hotels.”

Sightseeing to learn about popular destinations in your area can help prepare you to interact with clients. “They want you to know what you are talking about, and in the end it gives them peace of mind and lets them know they are in good hands.”

The 2019 International LCT Show was her first industry event, and she was encouraged by what she discovered at the women of the industry luncheon. “It was really empowering to see all the women who attended. I wasn’t expecting so many. I want to be able to change the view the industry is primarily composed of men. There are so many opportunities for females in this industry; it takes hard work and dedication, but we are able to have a seat at the table.”

For industry newcomers, she suggests keeping an open mind. “It’s a hell of a ride…no pun intended!,” she jokes. “The industry is evolving, and you can quickly be lost in it. Just go with the flow and learn to adapt to anything that comes your way.”

Continued Growth

Treating the company you work for as if it were your own not only keeps you invested in your job, but helps you feel like what you are doing is worth it. She calls RideCentric her baby, and has devoted a lot of time and hard work to it. “It’s really paid off for me. A few years ago I was just a dispatcher, and now I’m right under the managing partner of the company.”

In the future, she plans to build partnerships and attend more trade shows. She’s also the secretary of the Dallas/Fort Worth Limousine and Motorcoach Association (DFWLMA), which is trying to offer something for every operator, no matter their size. They plan on implementing more educational seminars and working together to improve the industry and city.

Being only 24, she tells others her age to not be intimidated. “Anyone I’ve talked to in this industry welcomes you so much. If you have a question, so many people are here to help make you successful. Have confidence, and you’ll get there.”

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