Uber To Pay Drivers $20 Million Settlement

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Posted on March 13, 2019
Who will win in the battle of independent contractors vs. employees? (Photo:

Who will win in the battle of independent contractors vs. employees? (Photo:

Uber will pay $20 million to its drivers in California and Massachusetts to settle a class-action lawsuit that raised the question of what responsibility the company has to its workers.

Lawyers for Uber said in a court filing March 12 that they had agreed to a settlement with thousands of drivers. U.S. District Judge Edward Chen is set to hear the two sides’ motion on the preliminary settlement on March 21 in his San Francisco courtroom. Ultimately he will decide whether the settlement can go forward.

While the deal won’t end the longstanding and thorny question of whether Uber’s drivers are employees or contractors, the settlement likely will resolve the lawsuit that has forcefully pushed this question into court.

NBC News article here

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  • Anthony

     | about 12 months ago

    The problem here is that many months ago Judge Chen threw out the 40 million dollar settlement in california that was created by the newport beach lawyer representing the uber driver pre-class action.. the reason was because under those terms each uber driver would receive 20.00 dollars.. weeks later another lawyer influenced by uber inc went against Judge Chen's argument Lctmag- please find out what judge overruled Chens motion years back. This 20 million dollar settlement os a complete joke!!!!! A real setttlement would be in the 600 million dollar range Stay informed, and please quit deleting my posts.... the industry friends of mine are shocked that you are sensoring my true and accurate posts

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