Volvo Plans To Cap New Cars' Top Speed

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Posted on March 11, 2019
Volvo S90 China version interior rear seat (Photo: Volvo)

Volvo S90 China version interior rear seat (Photo: Volvo)

For as long as there have been cars on American roads, the decision to obey speed limits — or recklessly push a vehicle to the edge of its performance — typically has been left to drivers.

Now one major auto manufacturer is reclaiming some of that control. This week, Volvo, the Chinese-owned Swedish automotive brand known for its emphasis on safety, announced plans to cap the top speed of all its new cars.

Beginning in 2020 Volvo cars will be limited to 180 kph — or about 112 mph, the company said. The change is part of an ambitious plan called Vision 2020, which seeks to eliminate all serious injuries and driving deaths in new Volvos by next year.

The Washington Post article here

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     | about 2 years ago

    I applaud this decision made by Volvo. Speed governing on vehicles is not a new concept, however. IMHO, no vehicle needs to be capable of exceeding 90 mph in the NA market.

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