New York Operator Proves Optimism Wins Out

Lexi Tucker
Posted on March 6, 2019

Ivan Batiashvili, VP of NVC Limo

Ivan Batiashvili, VP of NVC Limo

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Ivan Batiashvili, VP of NVC Limo, is part of a growing segment of the industry that has stopped focusing on what Uber and Lyft are doing. Instead, he’s too busy ensuring he is providing service so incredible his clients will never think twice about choosing apps over his company.

Focus On What Matters

Batiashvili emphasizes chauffeured transportation companies are providing a luxury service. TNCs have no way to match the service levels of this industry because there are not enough people willing to behave in the manner expected of a chauffeur.

“It boils down to the fact people need to be professional, experienced, and have a specific kind of personality and attitude. This business will never disappear because there will always be a desire for the specific service we provide.” He says clients who leave to try Uber tend to return because they can’t trust TNCs to be there when they are needed the most. “Uber and Lyft don’t have what we do, and they never will.”

Tips For Success

Batiashvili started with one car in 2010, and has since grown to 18 vehicles. “When you are huge, it’s very hard to control everything the way you want to. Basically, it becomes nearly impossible to provide a consistent experience — another thing that sets us apart from app-based transportation companies.”

(L to R) Marlo Denning, Alex Darbahani, Ivan Batiashvili, and Lancer’s Bob Crescenzo.

(L to R) Marlo Denning, Alex Darbahani, Ivan Batiashvili, and Lancer’s Bob Crescenzo.

Becoming complacent when you achieve success is also a way you lose business. “Don’t rest when you are where you think you want to be. Make sure you’re on track and working for your business daily. As soon as you let up, things start to go downhill,” he says.

You can learn a new lesson every day. You’ll never have the same client twice in the sense that every person has different needs and wants. “Be dedicated and invested in what you do. Every single client has to be like the only one you have. It’s a tough business, but if you do your best on a daily basis, you can survive.”

Winning Personality Traits

Batiashvili has 20 years of experience in the industry. He got his start in 1999 as a dispatcher. He soon became a supervisor, and then started chauffeuring. After learning the ins and outs of the business, he launched his own company.

“It wasn’t something I had always wanted to do, but life brought me down this path and I’m glad it did.”

(L to R) Ron Robinson, Harry Dhillion, Ivan Batiashvili, and LCT Publisher Sara Eastwood-Richardson.

(L to R) Ron Robinson, Harry Dhillion, Ivan Batiashvili, and LCT Publisher Sara Eastwood-Richardson.

His fleet includes Mercedes-Benz S550s and Sprinter vans, Cadillac Escalades, Chevrolet Suburbans, and a GMC minibus. Most of his clients are corporate, but he does some retail work as well. He credits his success to being able to build trust with both his clients and affiliates.

“Dedication, motivation, and ambition are features needed to succeed in all aspects of life. These combined with staying consistent, upgrading your fleet, and always pursing new types of service to stay fresh and better than you were the day before will lead you where you need to be.”

In 2019, Batiashvili wants to see fewer operators being distracted from improving themselves and their businesses. “I feel sorry when I see people crying about Uber. If we give up, that’s it; be strong and deliver.”

Fun Fact: Batiashvili was one of the winners of the Chauffeur Rodeo at the 2018 LCT East Show. He won first place in the non-CDL division, and third place overall.

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    A hard working, trustworthy person who puts 100% of his self in his business will always succeed! You will achieve anything you set your mind to! So proud of you!

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